Describe a new law you would like to introduce in your country IELTS Cue Card

Describe a new law you would like to introduce in your country IELTS Cue Card

Describe a new law you would like to introduce in your country IELTS Cue Card


Describe a new law you would like to introduce in your country

You should say:

  • What law it is
  • What changes this law brings
  • Whether this new law will be popular
  • How you came up with the new law
  • And explain how you feel about this new law

Sample 1

Laws are very important to run a nation, and any country that has strong laws can lead toward an impressive growth trajectory. In those countries where the law system is weak, such places struggle. 

A law which I would like to introduce in my country is mandatory part-time work for students studying in college. This law is very important because these days youngsters need to follow the right path. 

They think that life is all about enjoyment and fun, and they waste their parents’ hard money on unnecessary things like watching movies, eating junk food, buying expensive mobiles, watches, etc. This new law would be popular. There’s no denying this conviction that youngsters would challenge it, but the other sections of society would love it. 

I want to implement this law because this is the right time for us to make changes; otherwise, the future of the current generation and its posterity will be in jeopardy, and this new law will bring a paradigm shift in the lives of people. 

So this practice is there in Western countries where doing work along with studying is not considered a bad idea, whereas, in my nation, people think that doing part-time work means that your family does not have good financial status, but that’s not the case. Part-time work empowers us to have hands-on experience. 

Moreover, it teaches you the value of money because the funds you get are for the efforts you have made. So, this law is very important, and I will launch a social media campaign to implement it as soon as possible.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a new law you would like to introduce in your country  ”.

1. What rules should students follow at school? 

At schools, the student’s primary purpose is to study, and for that, following the rules and regulations set by the school administration is a crucial approach for them. They must obey the orders of their teachers, they should come on time, and they should wear proper uniforms. And apart from that, they must study with determination, dedication and discipline and maintain decorum inside the classroom. Lastly, they should strive hard to preserve the infrastructure of the school.

2. Do people in your country usually obey the law?

In my country, people generally obey the law because the rules are strict, and those who do not follow the law get into legal trouble: hence, due to this reason, most people follow the law. 

3. What kinds of behaviour are considered as good behaviour? Behaviour in which you align with the rules set by society and do not misbehave with others, you do not throw little here and there and before starting any new initiative, you look for the interest of others as well.

Such kind of behaviour is termed as good behaviour.

4. Do you think children can learn about the law outside of school?

 Yes, children can learn about the law outside of school as well because in school they spend about 7-8 hours and the rest of the time they are with either their parents or their friends. So from there also they can learn about laws. Moreover, these days, most visual content is available online, plus the programs on social media. So, they educate the general public about the law. 

5. What are the benefits of people obeying the rules?

 When people obey the rules that leads to a good society where most people provide adequate support to each other and they think good about the government. So this leads to a very good aura in that area. So, overall it leads to better surroundings and a better environment. 

6. How can parents teach children to obey the rules? 

There is no denying this conviction that children do not follow the advice of their parents rather they follow the examples set by them. So, to educate the children regarding the laws first the parents need to obey the laws, and if they do so the children would follow the first steps.

7.How do you think laws benefit society?

 Laws benefit society because in India most of the people are not following the laws. The laws once implemented, are not restricted or checked by the officials properly. So one law should be clearer that the officials or the policemen should strictly take on the duty that the laws are implemented properly and everyone is following that.

 8.What challenges do you see in implementing laws?

 Implementing laws, and making the law is very easy. We can make laws for everything. But implementing it is a difficult task because people are not able to understand the law properly and they are not able to take the law.

 Because they are not following the law. So the officials have to take this risk and they should encourage the people to follow the law because it is for their benefit and the society.

 9.Is there any particular law that affected you less?

 Yes, few laws have affected me but the law which asks the teachers not to slap the children has affected me a lot because the teachers are not following it too. The small children are still being beaten by the teachers now, still. But the law has been since 20 years ago but the teachers and the parents are not following the law and they are very strict towards the children and they are beating and siding over them.

10. Can you think of a law that you believe should be changed?

 Yes,the law of the basic traffic signals should be changed because people are not following it and there should be more different laws made so that there will be easy traffic rules that can be followed.

 11.Who do you think should be responsible for making laws in a country?

 The government and I think the government is responsible for making laws in a country but the population and the society’s viewpoints should also be considered because they are living in this country and they know which law is helpful for them.

 So the government should take their advice to make the laws.

 12.How do you think new laws should be introduced when you make the laws?

 New laws should be implemented because now there is an evolution in everything. There is a drastic change due to the technology. So the old laws have been made in our country since 1947. So many things have changed since then. As we can see there was no traffic on the roads that much and there were not many roads that are now present in the country. And the traffic is now more on the roads so the laws should be changed because the population has grown widely and there are many things which should be considered for making laws.

13. What do you think should happen to people who break important laws?

 The people who break important laws should be punished and imprisoned in jail because they do not care if they break the laws because they can give money to be bailed. So strict actions should be taken against them and they cannot live in society because if they have committed a crime they should be living in the precinct.

 14.How can the government ensure that all citizens are aware of new laws?

 The government should make some organizations or authorities which come to the villages or cities to tell the people about the new laws which are made. And they can circulate this information on social media and they can make big hoardings so that people can be aware of the laws.

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