Describe a sport that you only have watched before but have not played yourself IELTS Cue Card

Describe a sport that you only have watched before but have not played yourself IELTS Cue Card

Describe a sport that you only have watched before but have not played yourself IELTS Cue Card


Describe a sport that you only have watched before but have not played yourself

You should say:

  • What it is
  • When you watched it Where you watched it
  • Who you watched it with
  • And explain how you felt about it

Sample 1

Being a sports enthusiast, I keep on watching various sports, and I play some of them. Today I would like to talk about a sport which I have watched, but I still need to play it.

 The game I watched was baseball. I watched it with one of my friends at a local cricket stadium. I felt good about it because I am from India, which is a country primarily known for cricket. There is a lot of competition on the cricket field.

 There is a lot of money involved in it. That’s why most teenagers and youngsters try to become cricketers: To lead their careers towards an impressive trajectory. Baseball is a game that matches cricket. In baseball, there is a person who bowls.

There is another person who hits with a bat, and there is a keeper as well. Some of the rules are the same. This game sounds interesting to me because I have played cricket many times. I want to play this game because of the skills I learned by playing cricket, which I can utilize for playing baseball.

 Moreover, I plan to settle in the USA after pursuing my graduation. Baseball is the national game of the USA. By playing this game, I would learn about American culture. When I shifted to America, it would be easy for me to make new friends. Most Americans play baseball, and if I know how to play baseball, I can rub shoulders with them and share a good camaraderie by playing many games together.

Sample 2

Well, I watch many sports and I play also but one sport which I have only watched and never played is the 8-ball pool. It is a very interesting sport. It has a pool, it has a ball table on which we have one white ball and eight balls which one is a black colour which we have to put in the last and the others are different colours. 

It is a two-player game. We get a stick and a white ball. We have to hit the white balls. The pool table has six holes in it and we have to fill in the holes and we have to put the balls in the holes. It is a very easy game, and it is a very tough game but many people like to play it. It is not a cheap game. It is a very expensive game and people who can afford it can only play.

 I have watched many matches of the 8-ball pool on TV and I like to see it. I also want one too, I also once in my life want to play it. If I ever get a chance, I will for sure play. It is not a tough game to find. It can be found in gaming parlors and other casinos but it is not easy to play as we need perfect training to accomplish the game and play it nicely. 

I think that I will play this game in my graduation period as now I don’t have any capable money source so I can’t afford it but I once in my life surely want to play this game.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a sport that you only have watched before but have not played yourself”.

1. What kind of sports would you like to play in the future? 

The sports that are easily available in my country like cricket, football, and basketball, I have played to a large extent. However, certain sports are expensive like golf that I haven’t played yet. That is why I would like to try my luck at them. Moreover, there are adventure sports like bungee jumping or skiing that I would like to try. 

2. Why are there many athletes in advertisements? 

There are many athletes in advertisements. It is due to the reason that people seek flashes of inspiration from them. As the athletes have a good physique, so people try to imitate them. So, if athletes promote anything, the audience takes that with huge interest. So that’s why there are too many athletes in advertisements. 

3. What are the features of people who watch sports games online such as gender or age? 

Watching games online is not gender specific. However, the percentage of males is higher in this case and as far as age is concerned. So these days, people from all age groups watch sports games online. However, the percentage of people between 18 to 25 age group is high. 

4. What’s the most popular sport in your country? 

I belong to India, and cricket is the most famous sport in our country, and people take it as their religion. Moreover, they treat the famous cricketers as God and sometimes as their role models. 

5. What kinds of sports are popular now but not popular 50 years ago? Sports like tennis were not very popular in India because there were few players. However, these days, the number of players who play lawn tennis and table tennis has grown appreciably. So that’s why such games are also gaining prominence. 

6. Do you think there are too many sorts of sports games on TV? 

I don’t think so because most of the time, the other entertainment options on TV are high, such as dramas and movies. So sports games entertainment is still less as compared to other mediums of entertainment. 

7.What drew your attention to the sports initially?

 We can be physically fit and it can make our life more interesting and more compassionate. So there are a few things which make me attracted to watch sports. Like facing many challenges in sports. There is a sportsmanship a person can get. There are many new things we can learn in sports and it can help in our physical and mental health too.

 8.What aspects of the sport do you find most interesting?

 The most interesting aspect of sports is that they are making a person’s personality. Because a person gets more disciplined when he is playing sports and he is more encouraged.

 9.Do you think you would enjoy playing sports?

 Yes, I would enjoy playing sports because it is more interesting and it makes me physically fit. My mental health is also helpful from the sport because I enjoy playing sports. It is my entertainment rather than watching TV or films. It makes me more disciplined as a person.

 10.Have you ever considered taking lessons or trying in the club to learn sports?

 Yes, I think so but I have never done it yet because I am busy with my studies. I am getting extra subjects done along with my studies.

 I don’t have much time to join the club to learn sports.

 11.How popular are sports in your country?

 Most of the sports are very popular in our country. I think most of these are that cricket is mostly popular in our country because people are influenced by it. They are more eager to watch the matches of the cricket and the second one would be football or volleyball games.

 12.What physical skills or attributes are necessary to play sports?

 Physical attributes like a person should be able to run properly and he can fit. There is no default in the figure of the person. The other aspect that is important in sports is that a person should be mentally prepared because there is too much pressure on a team or a person while playing the game or while playing for the country. So he should be able to suffer that also. So a person should be physically and mentally skilled.

13.What strategies are important for success in sports?

 For success in sports, a person or a sportsman should be able to manage time wisely. A disciplined person will practice all the things and win the game easily. The more important thing is that while playing the sport,

 a person can suffer a lot of pressure on his shoulders to win. So he should be capable of taking that.

 14.How do you think participating in sports can benefit individuals socially and culturally?

 Socially and culturally, individuals can benefit from sports because once he is playing sports, they are socially…He is in touch with everyone’s society. He gets many rewards for that from many ministers or the DCs or STMs.So he gets famous in society. And culturally everyone appreciates him that he has grown from this.

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