Describe a lesson you learnt IELTS Cue Card

Describe a lesson you learnt IELTS Cue Card


Describe a lesson you learnt.

You should say:

What it was?
What exactly happened?
What lesson did you learn?

Sample Answer 1


There is no denying this conviction that constant learning is a significant aspect of our lives. We learn from our experiences, whether they are good or bad ones.

In the past, I learned a lesson that has helped me lead my life toward an impressive growth trajectory.

What was it?

The lesson was about consistency. We cannot get success in life by working on an irregular basis. Moreover, it is a fact that efforts done without a plan usually go to waste.

What exactly happened?

Two years back, I was overweight and tried many options to get in shape. However, to my dismay, I didn’t get results.

Seeing my plight, my father came to my rescue, and he devised a timetable for taking meals and physical exercise.

Although I was apprehensive regarding the success of following the timetable, I persisted with it.

To my surprise, within two months, I started getting results. The extra fat on my stomach melted, and I started feeling energetic.

Following the timetable with determination, dedication and discipline brought a paradigm shift in my life, and I became a fit person.

What lesson did you learn?

I learned that to succeed in life; we must make consistent efforts. We can not become successful by doing things as per our wishes.

When we become consistent, our brain picks the patterns and allows us to do our tasks tremendously easily.

On the other hand, we lose momentum when we are not regular in the activities we do.

Hence, following a timetable to strictly achieve our goals is imperative.

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