Describe a Musical Instrument that you Learnt/Play IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Musical Instrument that you Learnt/Play IELTS Cue Card


Describe a musical instrument that you learnt/play.

You should say:

What is the name of the instrument?
How it works?
How you learnt it?
And why it is your favourite?

Sample Answer 1


In this modern era, due to fierce competition, there is an immense burden on our shoulders. In such a scenario, getting peace of mind is a challenging task.

Last year I learned an instrument that brought a paradigm shift in my mindset.

What is the name of the instrument?

The name of the instrument is the guitar.

How does it work?

In guitar, Strings pass from the neck to the body. When we pluck the string, its vibration gets transmitted from the bridge, resonating across the upper part of the guitar. Its transmission also reaches the side and back of the instrument, echoing from the air inside the body and generating sound from the sound hole.

How did you learn it?

Being a novice in music, it was a challenging task for me. Last year, due to the corona pandemic, our nation was on lockdown. Due to that, I stayed at home for six months and decided to effectively use the leisure time I had by learning guitar.

I watched a boatload of videos on YouTube regarding how to play the guitar. That provided me with basic knowledge. 

Afterward, I joined an online course where the trainer left no stone unturned to teach me. He told me to practice with determination, dedication and discipline.

Under his aegis, I became an expert at playing the guitar.

And why is it your favorite?

It is my favourite because my stress goes for a toss whenever I play it. Moreover, when I go to any celebration, like a birthday party or wedding celebration, I play it to earn accolades from the audience.

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