Describe a Friend Whose Talks You Find Interesting IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Friend Whose Talks You Find Interesting IELTS Cue Card


Describe a Friend Whose Talks You Find Interesting

You should say:

What is the name of the friend?
What he talks about?
Why his talks are interesting?

Sample Answer 1


Although I have numerous friends with whom I discuss my plans and the pressing problems of society. One of them always sounds interesting during talks, which is worth mentioning.

What is the name of the friend?

His name is Andrew, and he is my bosom friend and next-door neighbor.

What does he talk about?

His talks are always beyond the conventional domain. Being a voracious reader, he has acquired immense knowledge by reading books.

In his opinion, the Covid 19 has brought a paradigm shift in our work. And, the old systems of running the businesses will cease to exist.

He further says that people doing their work in the old way will find it challenging to run the operations smoothly. As per him, all business owners should take full advantage of digitalization to lead their businesses toward an impressive growth trajectory.

Technology will take the front seat within the next ten years, and all business operations will revolve around it. Those who follow the traditional approach will lag in the race.

Why are his talks interesting?

His talks are interesting because, unlike others, he doesn’t discuss topics like religion and politics. Moreover, he never indulges in gossip and altercations.

He spreads positivity, and his central focus is to always enlighten others with the knowledge he possesses.

In this modern era, fierce competition has become integral to our lives. In such a scenario, the knowledge provided by Andrew shows us a path to follow.

Due to this reason, his talks seem interesting to me.

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