IELTS Speaking Part 1 Popstar

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Popstar

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Popstar

1. Who is your favourite pop star, and why do you like them? 

Well, there are a lot of pop stars in my state. Of those, Diljit is my favourite.

First of all, we came from the same state. And he usually sings songs in our like language, Punjabi language.

And because of that, our language is famous worldwide. Apart from that, Diljit recently gained a lot of success and has a melodic voice. And his songs are very popular all over the world. For that reason, I love Diljit as my favourite pop singer. 

2. What qualities do you think make a successful pop star? 

First, good singing skills can make a person a pop star.  Apart from that, a pop star must multitask, like he must sing, write, and compose their songs on their own.

Moreover, the pop star must be good at handling the stage and how to handle their fan base. So these are the qualities I think make a pop star.

3. How do pop stars influence popular culture and society? 

Pop stars influence teenagers and adults because people have started to adopt them as their role models.  There could be any reason, like some like their voices, some like their attire, and some like their way of talking, walking, etc. So, because of this, many people start following them similarly.

So I think that’s the impact they would have on our audience. 

4. Have you ever attended a concert or performance by a pop star? 

 I have attended a lot of times. I recently visited the Satinder Sartaj concert.

He’s a Sufi singer from our like from my region. So, his shows are held on the 1st of January during the New Year. So I went to Toronto especially to attend his concert.

5. Do you think pop stars are responsible for being role models for their fans? 

Yes, certainly, yes. There are many reasons why people pursue them as their role models. And whatever they do directly impacts their followers.

And if he’s involved in wrongdoings,  people will start following the same. So, for that reason, a pop star has a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. And they have to maintain their fan base and their reputation.

And they should be careful before doing anything. So yes, they are responsible for being a role model. 

6. What are some common themes in pop star music? 

The common themes are the problems in society, the love between people, and the harmony between people. And the youth lifestyle. And these days, some songs are the music of pop stars related to social media.


7. How do pop stars typically interact with their fans both online and offline? 

Well, offline, they usually contact their followers during concerts and promotions.

And apart from that, if I talk about the online, they usually do live streams to interact with their followers. 

8. Does the popularity of pop stars vary from country to country? 

Yes, because there are a lot of countries, each with its famous pop star. Some of them achieve that position in which they are recognized worldwide.

And for some of them, it is based on their culture and their country because Indian people cannot listen to any Spanish pop star or any Colombian pop star. After all, they don’t know their languages.

And similarly, in Spanish, nobody in Spain listens to any Indian pop star. So yes, definitely, it’s based on the country.

9. What impact do you think social media has had on the careers of pop stars? 

As I see, social media only enhances their career. As I see, there are no drawbacks. Yes, social media helps them promote their songs and concerts.  They also gain a lot of popularity after introducing social media.

10. Would you like to be a pop star? 

 I don’t think  I can be a pop star. The primary reason is that I’m not a good singer but a good listener. But I listen to music, my favourite part of my routine. And so yes, I cannot, I don’t think so. It would be a disaster for me if I were a pop star.

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