Some people are happy to spend their whole life living in the same area IELTS Essay

Some people are happy to spend their whole life living in the same area IELTS Essay

Some people are happy to spend their whole life living in the same area IELTS Essay


Some people are happy to spend their whole life living in the same area. Others prefer to live in many different places in their lifetime. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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A few individuals are happy to spend their lifetime at a single location while the rest of the people prefer to move to many different areas in their whole life. This essay firmly believes that living in many divergent places is a worthwhile proposition. However, this essay will discuss both views.

A section of society believes that spending their life in one place makes them happy. It is due to the comfort zone that they build around themselves. There is no denying this conviction that living in the same place helps you lead a comfortable life and develop good relations with others. However, it deprives people of grabbing various opportunities for attaining success in their life. Therefore, those people who do not switch jobs, and move to other location they have to work at a lower position as compared to their counterparts. A recent survey revealed that people for work at multiple locations in their life span often get more success instead of those who spend their whole life while working at the same place.

On the other hand, certain people opine that moving to multiple locations makes them happy. It is because of the more interactions they have with people of different places. Individuals who tend to move to different locations not only gain success in life but also get to learn a lot about those places. Moreover, for each city the culture, food, languages etc are different so moving to new locations helps individuals to explore these cultures as well. For example, I recently moved to Hyderabad for job purpose, and I feel delighted to explore this new culture, and the food makes me joyful.

To summarize, moving to different location locations helps people to grow and learn new cultures and this is the major reason a person can become happy, neverthless staying at one place deprives people of these opportunities.

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