Describe a map that was useful to you IELTS cue card

Describe a map that was useful to you IELTS cue card


Describe a map that was useful to you:

When did you use it?
Why you used it?
How it was helpful?

Sample Answer

Although I have used many maps, one was unique and extremely useful. So hence, it is worth mentioning. I used it six years back when I went to a hill station. During that time, we went on excursion trips near the hill station, and one day, we were going on a track, and on the way, we realized that our mobile phone signals were lost.

So the GPS was not available to us. So, we realized that the hotel gave us a particular map in which all the details regarding the nearby areas were there. So I quickly referenced the map; it had all the details regarding the tiny parts leading to the hotel and other places. So with that map, we roamed all the places and saw beautiful scenic spots. So the map made our day, and the trip was perfect for us.

And the best thing about that map was that everything was marked. So we did not ask anybody regarding the way. Because the trip was short, we had just about six hours to roam at the locations nearby. So, the map provided us with unabated support, and the trip was beneficial. Now, I have been to that place many times, and whenever I go there, I use that map to experience nature’s beauty in and around there.

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