It is argued that getting married before finishing school PTE Essay

It is argued that getting married before finishing school PTE Essay

It is argued that getting married before finishing school PTE Essay

PTE Essay Topic

It is argued that getting married before finishing school or getting a job is not a good choice. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1

Many people believe that getting married during schooling or before getting a job is an imprudent approach. This essay is in complete solidarity with the statement as it would lead to immaturity in relations and financial troubles.

To commence with, tying the nuptial knot during school days is not a good option. Generally speaking, in schooling age, people are in the formative years and immature. So, they cannot make informed decisions that could lead to conflicts between the life partners. Furthermore, many responsibilities get attached to the frame of operations of individuals in a relationship. which would be hard to pursue with immaturity and overload of work. For instance, in India, in earlier times, marriages used to happen at the age of around 7-8. This practice had many harmful effects, and higher authorities framed many laws to eradicate it.

Moving further, marriage before getting a job is also troublesome because if a person is not ready financially, taking responsibility for the family is a daunting task. As a result, there would be conflicts in the relationship resulting in the separation. Moreover, engagement in a job or business teaches individuals financial management, a must-have skill to lead your personal and professional life towards the right trajectory. For example, a recent survey revealed that getting married after having job results in happier lives, and it empowers people to handle financial conflicts adroitly.

To summarize, it is advisable to open a new chapter of marriage in life once you complete the foundation steps that are completing schooling and getting a job.

Sample 2

Some people argue that getting married before completing school or obtaining a job is not prudent. This essay is in full solidarity with the above statement because individuals stay focused and can handle conflicts adroitly.

A section of society opines that people should get married after completing their schooling or getting a job because it is a wise approach to staying focused, and it plays a crucial role in leading their lives toward an impressive growth trajectory. It is intuitively true that married people have more responsibilities to handle, and they can only partially devote their time and efforts to achieve their targets of study or finding a plum job. For instance, a recent survey by The Times revealed that it is a daunting task for married individuals to focus on research or job interview preparation.

Moreover, people who complete their studies and do a job are more mature than others who don’t. There is no denying this conviction that maturity comes with experience, and working individuals are better positioned to handle conflicts and make wise decisions in life. In addition, their heaps of experience and knowledge as a worker help them significantly to balance their personal and official life. Japan is a prime example of youngsters being encouraged to find a job and marry for a happy living.

To conclude, it is a sensible approach to complete schooling or find a job before marriage because it allows people to stay focused and make them mature to handle turbulent situations.

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