IELTS Speaking Part 1 Hats

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Hats

Do you often wear hats? 

Only sometimes. I wear hats only during summer. Whenever I go outside, especially afternoons, I wear hats to protect my head from sunlight. 

What types of hats are popular in your country? 

In my country, people usually wear sports caps like the ones that cover their faces from the front, unlike cowboy hats. So, in cricket, this is the main reason these caps are popular in my country.

Apart from hats, people usually like to cover their heads with scarves to protect their heads and skin from sunlight. 

Can you describe a memorable hat you have worn in the past?

 I guess there is one incident, not one incident. It’s like a situation. I was in the 8th standard, and I had to play the role of a Mexican boy in a school roleplay. So, I wore a Mexican hat with a moustache and a beard. 

Yeah, it’s memorable because, during the play, I forgot to, like, my moustache fell during my roleplay. So that’s the funniest character. So, for that reason, I think that’s the only memorable thing when I wore a hat.

Do you think hats are more practical or fashionable accessories? 

If I talk about hats, hats play an important role in the contemporary era. I think most people wear a hat and give importance to the hats. They use it for various reasons. 

Some use it for their protection, some use it while playing, and others use it for fashion. I like them, especially the kids, they wear the round shaped cap to look fashionable. So yes, people use it for both purposes. 

Are there any traditional hats worn in your culture?

 No, I don’t think so. There are no traditional hats in my culture, but in other states, we see, like in Maharashtra, they wear white-type caps to show their culture. Apart from that, in the Muslim religion, they wear caps for their religious purpose.

But in my culture, there’s no such activity where we have to wear a cap. 

How do you think hats have evolved? 

Hats are like if I talk about the past era; the caps were usually light and in decent colours. There are no changes in the shape or design, but I see only color changes. 

Now, we have more fancy and colourful hats than in the past when we had white and black caps, which were worn only by the people who lived in England and the Mexicans. But now hats are available all over the world. 

Have you ever received a hat as a gift? 

. No, I haven’t received any hats. 

Do hats serve any practical purposes besides fashion? 

Yes, like I said, in my country, people wear hats while playing sports because it gives them a feeling of seeing the ball clearly during the daytime. 

For that reason, they wear caps, and we can see a similar trend in baseball and in other games where we play with a ball. 

Do you think hats will continue to be popular in the future? 

Definitely yes, there is no denying this conviction, that hats will gain their popularity in the future because, as I said, in cricket and baseball and other sports where you have to wear caps, they will not lose their popularity. Because people love sports and in the current era, the fashion industry is gaining their momentum. I think we will see more changes in the hat in the future. 

Can you share any interesting facts or stories about hats? 

About a hat, a story is related to people living in Rwanda. 

They used to wear sharp caps and very sharp and high cones. So I do not know the history behind that, but it looks very funny whenever they wear it. But they said it’s in their culture. In the past, they used to wear caps made of leaves, like banana leaves.

But as time passed, it evolved into clothes, and then they wore hats made of a specific type of cloth only produced here. 

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