IELTS Speaking Part 1 Relatives

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Relatives

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Relatives

 How often do you meet your relatives? 

I met my relatives once in a blue moon because they all live far from my house. 

So, for that reason, I barely get a chance to meet them. Another reason is that all of them are engaging in their work, so they hardly have time to get together. We only meet on such occasions as weddings and birthdays. 

 Who are you closest to in your family, and why?

 In my family, I’m very close to my mother because  I am a single mother-child, and I was born and brought up by my mother only. So, for that reason, my mother is very close to my heart. 

 How important is a family in your culture?

I belong to India, and India is very rich in culture and following culture and tradition.

So in, in my culture, family plays an integral role in every facet of life because, unlike Westerners in the West, we do not leave our family after the age of 18. We live with our family during our whole life. So if we need to decide, we first discuss it with our family and take all you know advice. Then, with our family members’ help, we decide.

So, family is really important for motivation. So yes, family plays a very important role in our culture. 

What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing with your relatives? 

With my relatives, we do a lot; first of all, we sometimes play video games with my paternal uncle. He’s very fond of games. And apart from that, whenever we have to get together, we chat a lot about our current and other topics. Apart from that, we also enjoy movies watching movies together. 

Have you ever had a big family gathering or reunion? 

Yes, it happens quite a lot of times. Like recently, my cousins had a birthday, so all the family members were present over there, and we enjoyed ourselves a lot over there as we spoke. We all like my paternal uncle and my maternal relatives. They all were present there, and it was a nice get-together. 

How do you keep in touch with your relatives who live far away? 

For those who live far away, it’s really hard to meet personally, but we connect them with the help of a mobile phone. We call them, and sometimes we have a little chat on Instagram. And apart from that, within one week or two weeks, we have a video call, so that’s by this: we are in touch with her relatives who live far away.

Do you have any traditions or customs related to your relatives?

 Yes, like I said, I am from India. We have a very rich culture, and there are a lot of aspects people follow, like in their states. In my state,  I live in Punjab; we always greet our relatives, especially elders, by folding our hands and touching their feet to show greetings to them whenever they come to our house. We feel very happy, and we welcome them with joy. Apart from that, like in our culture, we follow that, which means the guest is our god, so that’s important for our relatives. 

How do you think technology has affected the way families communicate with each other nowadays? 

Firstly, with the advancement of technology, most people remain engaged in their work, and they barely have time to get together, so they usually talk on mobile phones. Now, we have a video call option, so they feel it’s very convenient to go physically at some place and use video call chats. Hence, they say they think it’s time-saving and cost-effective, so yes, with the help of technology, most relatives refuse to go personally to their near and dear ones. 

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