IELTS Speaking Part 1 Names

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Names

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Names

Are there any special traditions or meanings associated with names in your culture? 

A name can describe a person’s personality, and in tradition, people in my community usually select names from there, like religious books. And in my community, we do pray. After prayer, we open a page; whatever the first word of the page, we have to select the name from that specific word. 

And are names important in your country? 

Yes, names hold the same importance in my country and worldwide. It gives the identity to a person. So, for that reason, yes, name plays a very important role in a person’s life.

 Do you think names can influence a person’s personality? 

 I don’t think so. A name can influence a person’s personality. I think it’s only in the hands of the person how to develop his personality because I see, like my friend who is very good at career, his name is Akash, but one of my friends has a similar name, but he’s a drug addict. So I don’t think so. Personality has no relation with the name.

What is the most common name in your country? 

 In my country, several names are common, especially Sahil and Vijay. These kinds of names are very common in my country.

Do you know the meaning of your friend’s names? 

 Yes. I know the meaning of the names of my couple of friends.  One of my friends’ names is Jashan, and that means celebration. And my other best friend’s name is Robbins, which means elder son. 

Would you ever consider changing your name? 

 I do not think about it because I love my name as, as I mentioned earlier, it was given by my father. So, for that reason, it has a special appeal for me. So, I want to keep my name the same. 

How do you feel when someone mispronounces your name?

 Oh, it did not happen. But, like, I am living in Canada right now, like the Canadian people have their tone and accent., And they are not familiar with my name. So sometimes they need to find it. They put more pressure on the words.

So, for that reason,  they usually mispronounce my name. 

Should parents have the right to choose their child’s name?

Yes, I think so, Because our parents are the only people who can assign our names. We don’t have any senses. So, to give an identity, parents should give a name to their children.

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