IELTS Speaking Part 1 Friends

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Friends

Do you have a lot of close friends? 

No, several close friends have been with me since childhood. His name is Arjun and Devinder. They have been living abroad for the last five years. 

Do you think friendship is important? 

Yes, friendship is essential in our life. We can share most of our things with our friends. They also give us many situations in our lives to grow further. 

Which do you prefer, to spend time with a friend or alone? 

I prefer to spend time with my friends because we do many activities like roaming in markets, shopping, and visiting tourist attractions like Manali and Shimla. 

What kind of individuals do you like as friends?

 I mostly like a simple person with a positive mind, and there should be no craving for money. 

Do you like face-to-face conversations with people? 

Yes, I love to have face-to-face conversations with people. Whenever we interact with a person, we strongly bond with each other rather than over the phone or via video call. So we can enjoy many things like traveling together or having food together. 

Are most of your friends from school or outside school?

 Most of my friends are from school, and when I started working, I also met new friends at work. 

How often do you meet with your friends? 

I mostly meet my friends after one to two days because I am friendly and do not have much time due to my schedule. 

What do you and your friends do together?

 We like to have drinks or parties and enjoy our leisure time. 

How do people meet and make friends in a country?

Mostly, people meet at their educational level or in their office. They interact with each other, and their closeness becomes more daily. 

Is it possible to become real friends with people on the Internet?

 The Internet is a fake life. We can make good friends, but most people only look for counterfeit faces. They do not have the original face towards us. 

What do you think makes people have long friendships?

I started from the school level, which can go up to old age. The bond between these friendships is perfect, and they can help each other in every situation. 

Does it make things easier in a friendship if you have similar interests? 

Yes, it will be easier in friendship if we have similar interests. We can think about the same thing and plan the same venue. That friendship will go further than we have a different kind of thinking. 

Who is your best friend, and why?

 My best friend Arjun is studying. He has studied with me since the last first standard. We have a great bond, and we are like a family. He helped me with many complex tasks, such as qualifying for my exam. He helped me open my own business. 

How long have you known him, and what is unique about him?

 I have known him for the last 20 years. He is muscular and motivates me to work out. 

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