IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sleep

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sleep

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sleep

 How many hours of sleep do you usually get each night?

 So, due to my hectic schedule, I usually only have a little time to rest. So usually, I’m getting like six to five hours of sleep five to six hours of sleep. 

Is that enough?

 Honestly, it’s not enough, but depending on the circumstances and the situation, I am right now. I have to adjust my sleep schedule, So I am limiting my sleep schedule to these many hours. 

What are some common factors that affect the quality of your sleep?

 So these days, Depending on my productivity since I’m swamped doing my internship. So right now I’m Working in the production area of my company. Because of this, my physical activity is very high. 

Due to this, I need to consume more energy. It is one of the most crucial factors involving my getting less sleep because of my hectic schedule. 

 Do you have bedtime rituals or habits that help you fall asleep more quickly?

 Oh, yeah, definitely, so whenever I feel like I need to Get the z to sleep or whenever I feel like I need to put something like either, I need to feel something in any hot liquid. 

So I prefer to have a warm cup of milk with some turmeric. It helps me a lot when sleeping and gives me peace of mind to relax and get a crucial, much-needed sleep. 

How does lack of sleep affect your daily life and productivity? 

So sometimes, due to a Hectic work schedule. I’m unable to sleep correctly, so because of this, sometimes Due to low sleep. I have this tiredness in my body where I need to. I deserve the most, but because of my work schedule, I’m unable to do so, which might give me a sense of tiredness and body. 

I’m not able to work correctly, and sometimes my brain, you know, is not functioning correctly. And yeah, due to a lack of a sleep schedule. So yeah

 What are some strategies you use to overcome insomnia or difficulty sleeping? 

So, as stated earlier, one of the most important things I usually do to get myself into a sleeping zone is to Have a warm cup of milk with turmeric. Also, I prefer to do some stretching and some Workout before hitting the bed. 

It helps me by giving my body a relaxed zone in which I’m stretching and meditating. These are a couple of the things that help me in getting more sleep. Whenever I feel like my body wants to sleep, but at the same time, my mind is not able to rest. 

Do you think technology such as smartphones and laptops affects your daily sleep patterns? 

Yeah, I believe. Using too many gadgets before going to sleep or hitting your bed helps your mind to get tensed because you’re putting so much stress in your mind by looking at the blue lights from those gadgets. 

So, consuming too many gadgets and technology is not suitable for you because people usually prefer to check their phone or any tablet or laptop, their emails, their Instagram, and their social media platforms. They want to look around and see what they have to surf before bed. 

It causes a little stress in their eye, increasing the strain on their brains. So, it puts the body in a zone where your mind is agitated. And at the same time, you’re not able to sleep properly. 

What role do you think diet and exercise play in promoting good sleep? 

So diet and exercise, whenever you feel like you want to do some exercise, if you do it regularly, it will put you in a significantly eased mind state because you feel very relaxed. It makes your mind very happy and has a positive effect, which causes your brain to relax. 

You’re not thinking about anything else because you are free from the world. At the same time, you’re like a free bird because, for the whole day, you are in a cage where you have to do work continuously. But those few minutes when you put yourself into some exercise or any other physical work give you a very relaxed and peace of mind. 

Have you ever experienced any unusual or memorable dreams? 

One incident happened last month in which I was falling asleep. And I fell asleep for two or three hours. And this was a state of mind in which I was in an intense sleep mode.

 So I had a dream about some weird stuff regarding ghosts and snakes simultaneously. That caused me a horrible feeling because the moment I woke up, I felt a little panicking. That was the time I had this kind of situation. 

 Do you believe in the concept of beauty sleep? 

From my perspective, it depends on person to person because females tend to believe in this concept more. But as for what I think personally, as long as you have sleep, which gives you enough productivity, it will affect you the same way as your body. 

Because, at the same time, it’s just the sleep that you need. You must ensure you get the particular sleep you need, depending on the body’s requirements. Having six or seven hours of sleep is good for my health and body. And it’s going to help me maintain the skin situation. 

Because if you don’t get enough sleep, you might feel like you’re aging too fast. Because the factor of aging on your skin is directly proportional to the amount of sleep you’re getting. 

In your opinion, how does the importance of sleep vary across different age groups?

 So, depending on the age group, sometimes kids prefer to sleep more. For instance, if you see a newborn baby, the baby wants to sleep straightforwardly. They always try to crawl their body towards the knee and the face on each other. And there’s a position in which they prefer to sleep more. 

Research has shown that this way of sleeping is way better. It gives you a very relaxed mind situation in which you can sleep properly. As you grow, you know there are some different situations and responsibilities. So these responsibilities, the kind of stress you’re dealing with daily, become crucial. 

And sometimes, a very trivial mistake is putting yourself in a very stressful situation in which you cannot sleep properly. As you go further in your late 30s and 40s, you see yourself; you’re in a responsibility zone where you have to take care of many things simultaneously. So this affects your sleeping schedule in a very, very crucial way. 

And when you go in a retirement zone in which, like I would say, maybe in the late 70s, you can see that the way of sleeping will change. So yeah, this varies from age to age.

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