IELTS Speaking Part 1 Teacher

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Teacher


Do you like any teacher of yours? 

Yes, I like my teachers. I do like my systematic analysis teacher. He’s John, and he’s from America.

He’s a good teacher and a motivational speaker. 

Do you still keep in touch with your teacher?

 Yes, I have been in touch with my childhood teacher. One is Janak, ma’am, and the other is Sahil, sir.

They live in India and are still teaching in the same school. Yes, I have been in touch with them, and we have social accounts and are mutual friends over there. 

Do you want to be a teacher? 

No, I can’t become a teacher because I was very notorious during childhood.

And so for that reason, I can’t be a good teacher, and it’s the opposite of my field. 

What are the qualities of a good teacher? 

A quality teacher must be punctual and must be polite first and foremost. It’s the best quality to teach someone, and a good teacher must be a good listener, responsible, and able to respond perfectly to their queries.

 How important is the role of a teacher in a student’s life? 

Teachers play a vital role in students’ lives. Students spend a lot of time with their teachers and can learn many things from them.

Teachers are the only people who teach good values and can lead to a good future for the student. 

Have you ever had a teacher who influenced your career choice or life path?

 As far as I remember, yes, one teacher named Tavinder. So he guided me like I can pursue a BBA.

After that, he helped me get a job. So, I did that job for two years, and it helped me here in Canada. Whatever I’m earning here and whatever job I’m doing right now, he taught me every time.

He also guided me in pursuing a career in this field. So, yes, that person advised me to choose the career. 

In your opinion, should teachers focus more on academic subjects or character development and life skills?

 Teachers should focus on both because studying is the most important part of a student’s life.

Everything is based on study; if we know, we will get a job and not stand in society. Similarly, moral values, beliefs, and other curriculum activities are really important for children. A student can learn all these things from the teacher.

And so, yes, teachers should focus on the other activities too. So it’s a necessity, the same as studying in life. 

How can teachers motivate students who are struggling academically? 

Teachers can pursue teaching someone who is lagging in a study in various ways.

First and foremost, teachers should identify their problems and address them in their respective manners. If a student is lagging in something, teachers should place him with an excellent one so they can help them with his studies. 

How can teachers create a positive learning environment in the classroom? 

A teacher can create a positive environment in the class through various ways.

They can create an aura as if they can teach students with examples. One of my teachers used to do this. And to be honest, we were all excellent in that subject because of the examples. The examples can help us to learn more quickly and effectively.

In what ways do you believe technology has impacted the role of teachers in education today? 

With the advancement of technology, the teacher’s role is fading daily. As more people are pursuing studies online, we need a teacher to help us study. Nowadays, we need Google and other applications to clear doubts, compared to asking for a teacher.

So that’s the only drawback, and the technology affects the teacher. 

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