IELTS Speaking Part 1 Fish

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Fish

Q1. Do you like fishing?

Yes, I like fishing. There are numerous water bodies near my residence, and I engage in fishing whenever I get spare time.

Q2. Is fishing a useful hobby?

It is a useful hobby for those who want to develop the skill of patience, and it makes you feel close to nature. But on the other hand, vegetarian people refrain from indulging in it because the Fish you obtain through fishing dies within a few minutes.

Q3. Do you like eating Fish?

Although I do not eat Fish, there is no denying this conviction that Fish contains numerous nutrients. In addition, it provides umpteen health benefits, especially for our brains and eyes. 

Q4. What kinds of Fish do you like eating?

I especially like Salmon fish, and I eat it the most. Apart from this, I also relish Tuna fish.

Q5. Why do people go fishing?

Fishing provides us with the opportunity/chance to forge unique relationships with family and friends because numerous people enjoy

fishing with their near and dear ones. Apart from this, it is a beautiful method to pass leisure time, and it helps to nosedive work-related stress. But, on the contrary, some people do fishing to earn a livelihood to satisfy their family needs.

Q6. Why do people like keeping Fish as pets?

There is no escaping the fact that it doesn’t require massive efforts to feed and take care of a fish as other pets. The upbringing of Fish doesn’t cost much because there is no requirement for ample space. Moreover, Fish remain calm and do not produce uncanny sounds. Due to these reasons, people love to keep Fish as pets.

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