IELTS Speaking Part 1 Family

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Family

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Family

Do you have sisters and brothers? 

Yes, I have one older brother and one younger sister. 

How often do you meet with your family? 

I am in Canada, so I rarely visit my family. I plan to see them in the next year, like 2025. 

How do you spend time with your family? 

When I see my family, I usually want to spend time with them. For example, we go outside to go shopping together, and sometimes we go for dinner or lunch.

If they have a particular day, like a birthday or an anniversary, we go outside to see a movie and celebrate their special day. 

Do you want to live with your family in the future? 

Yes, of course, I want to live with my family someday. I am in Canada now, but when I settle here, I will call my family, and we can all stay together.

Are you close to all of your family members? 

Yes, I am very close to all my family members, like my brother, sister, mother, and father; they are in touch with me.

 How has your family influenced you?

 My family influenced me. I have an older brother, and he is a very hard worker in his life because after finishing his 12th standard, he got a medical diploma, but nowadays, he is an RMP doctor in a place. He also had a medical degree, so he is well settled in his life, so I got motivation from him.

Do you get along well with your family?  

Yes, I get along well with my family because I have a brother, a sister, and my parents, so I always visit my family whenever I have time.

In what way is your family important to you? 

In thick and thin, my family is essential to me because they always support me in every situation. Whenever they help me, I can do whatever I want, and I don’t get demotivated because they support me. 

Which member of your family are you closest to? 

I am very close to my brother because he supported me a lot. He is older than me, and he is the one who motivated me to do my studies and well settled me in my life, so I always get inspiration from him. 

When did you last have a family party?

 I visited Canada last year in September; before that, in October, I had attended my cousin’s wedding in India, so at that time, we met each other and had a lot of fun there. We met each other, 

What is your special moment with your family? 

My memorable moment with my family was when I was leaving for Canada that day; my whole family got together with me, and that was an extraordinary moment for me because I decided to come here, and I wasn’t sure when I would go back to see them. 

What is better, staying with the family or staying independent?

 Both scenarios have different advantages because if I talk about the family, if we have a thick and thin time, then our family always supports us. Still, if I talk about when people are independent, they are independent and know how to handle the situation independently.

Are there many different types of families in your country? 

Yes, there are many, there are different types of families, like some people, they have a single family because they don’t want to live in a joint family, and apart from me, that if I talk about the rural area, then there are people who live in a joint family, and apart from that nowadays the scenario is different because sometimes I see single parents also take care of their kids. 

Are people in the countryside generally close to their families? 

The countryside people are usually close to their families because they prefer a joint family. I also belong to a joint family, and we always support each other in thick and thin times. Apart from that, we share our responsibilities. 

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