Describe a subject that you would like to learn in the future IELTS Cue Card

Describe a subject that you would like to learn in the future IELTS Cue Card

Describe a subject that you would like to learn in the future IELTS Cue Card


Describe a subject that you would like to learn in the future

You should say:

  • What it is
  • Where and how you want to learn it
  • Why you want to learn it
  • And explain if it will be difficult to learn it

Sample 1

Being a voracious reader, I like to learn many subjects. I have a big bucket list of subjects which I would like to learn in the future and one of those subjects is worth discussing. It is Artificial Intelligence. 

I want to learn it through online platforms and by working under the aegis of a seasoned tutor, and I want to learn it for various reasons. The first and foremost is that Artificial Intelligence is a burgeoning field which has immense potential and the people who are working in this industry are growing by leaps and bounds. 

Apart from this, Artificial Intelligence has the potential to solve the pressing problems of society because it can work on various algorithms with tremendous ease.

Moreover, it can provide unabated support to people working in various industries so that they can handle their conflicts adroitly. It is not easy to learn; rather, it is quite difficult because you need to know various computer languages like Python and others to do that. 

Moreover, it is difficult to implement, so I need to work under the guidance of a trainer who has heaps of experience and knowledge so that by acquiring knowledge from him, I can gain substantial knowledge regarding this subject, which I can use in my career to earn a bottle load of money by joining a plum job with a multinational company.

Sample 2

Being an ardent reader, I am interested in learning various subjects, and a new subject I have added to my list is self-improvement. It is an interesting subject, and learning it is not an easy task. Although a plethora of platforms are available on the internet, getting a deep understanding of it is a daunting task

I want to learn it for various reasons. The first and foremost reason is that throughout our lives, we tend to focus on improving others. The crux is that we can change the world if we improve ourselves. However, improving others is insurmountable if we do not focus on ourselves.

 That is why I want to learn it, and it would be difficult to learn because self-improvement involves various things, like mindfulness, maintaining an optimistic attitude, changing your habits, and doing things with determination, dedication, and discipline. These things are easy to read but difficult to implement, so just learning the self-improvement subject is not important. 

The implementation part is also there, which is a bit challenging. Many people have read a boatload of books on this subject, but as far as implementing the strategies in real life is concerned, they fail miserably. 

I don’t want to be like them, so I would like to learn this subject by working under the tutelage of a seasoned teacher of self-improvement. After I gain the knowledge, I won’t keep it to myself. I will impart this knowledge to all sections of society so that many people can benefit from it.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a subject that you would like to learn in the future ”.

1. What are the differences between online and offline learning 

There are huge differences between online and offline learning in Online learning you take classes according to your comfort be it at home or some other place, whereas in offline learning, you have to visit the teacher or the teacher needs to come to your place Then another thing is in online learning Technology is very important because you are connected through internet. So if There’s a problem with connectivity then your class can go for a toss. On the contrary in offline learning, the support of the teacher needs to be there. So even if technology is not there the class can go seamlessly 

2. Do you prefer to study alone or with a group of people?

 I prefer to study with a group of people because when you study alone, You lack motivation. Moreover, in case of any conflict related to your studies. You do not have people sitting with you to discuss. On the contrary, in a group, there’s a sense of competition. Moreover, in case you have any problem with the concept you can discuss it in the group so the chances of learning are high. And in my opinion, group learning leads to holistic development. 

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of learning in a group?

 The advantage of learning in a group is that You get the opinions of others as well moreover the study does not become stressful because after studying for a few hours you can take a pause and you can interact with your

Group members and this way you can have a good time together, on the contrary, the disadvantage is that sometimes there could be altercations or Debates which could waste time and the chances of distractions are quite high in a group learning and those people who lack discipline do not perform well when they learn in a group.

4. What subjects do most young people prefer to learn? 

The subjects most people prefer to learn these days are those which are In demand the fields like artificial intelligence, robotics and genome sequencing. These fields have immense potential. Apart from that the growing fields like digital marketing, blogging etc, are also becoming good subjects for youngsters.

5. What is more important when choosing a job high salary or interest?

 In my opinion, interest is very important because if you are getting a high salary in a job But the job is not of interest then every day you curse yourself that what you’re doing and The money you earn have less significance in your life on the contrary if you do a job where you have an interest then the money is a byproduct because when you do any job with the interest you become an expert in that and once you Have the requisite skills the employers are ready to pay you according to your terms So in my opinion interest is more important than high salary.

 6. What do you think about face-to-face learning with teachers? 

In my opinion, Face-to-face learning is a prudent idea instead of online those who have this option can go to the teacher, and it is comfortable for them. So they must Go for face-to-face learning, and online education is for those who because of distance or because of some other reason cannot attend face-to-face classes.

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