Describe a place where you have taken photos more than once IELTS Cue Card

Describe a place where you have taken photos more than once IELTS Cue Card

Describe a place where you have taken photos more than once IELTS Cue Card


Describe a place where you have taken photos more than once

You should say:

  • Where the place is
  • When you took the photos
  • What special features do the photos taken there have
  • And explain why you have been there more than once to take photos

Sample 1

Being a photography enthusiast I keep on clicking pictures. This one place where I have clicked a picture more than once and the name of that place is Rose Garden. It is a big park inside Chandigarh city. It is in the heart of the city. 

The first set of photos I took in the month of June when there was scorching heat, and the next set I took in the month of March during a festival by the name of Rose Festival. So, both sets of photos are different because it is a big garden with many flowers across the globe.

 In summer, the environment is unique because different kinds of flowers are there with divergent colours, and the environment looks vibrant when blossoming. There was no hustle and bustle in the winters, especially in the summers, so a pristine and serene environment existed. 

When I took the photographs there were very few people in the garden. So, that was a different scenario from the pictures I clicked in during the Rose Festival. There were a lot of crowds because a festival was going on. People were moving here and there were many stalls for food for various games and fun activities.

 So, both scenarios were different experiences. So, in the first scenario, I enjoyed my privacy because there were few people so I could click the pictures of nature as per my wish. Here is the second scenario as there were many people, so instead of clicking pictures of the flowers, I clicked photographs of people from all walks of life. So, I enjoyed clicking photographs in both scenarios over there.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a place where you have taken photos more than once ”.

1. Do you like to take photos? 

Yes, I’m a photography enthusiast, and I like to click photos mostly I click photos of myself and sometimes I click photos of nature as well like wildlife water bodies beaches and mountains.

2. Where do people often like to take photos? 

These days people like to take photos at all locations. The thing that matters to them is the background, whether they are in a shopping mall or they’re in an amusement park or they are at a place of scenic beauty. They click photos to upload on social media.

3. Who would like to take photos more often young people or older people? 

As far as clicking photos is concerned, young people enjoy it more as compared to older people who tend to enjoy the moment in present. So they do not spend much time clicking photos, Whereas young people like to capture the moment with the camera. They like to post those pictures on social media so that they can make their friend circle aware of where they are roaming and what they are doing.

4. Would you pay a lot of money to hire a photographer? 

I won’t pay a lot of money to hire a photographer because I am good at clicking photographs I have attended various courses on it and I Have watched numerous videos on YouTube which Teach the basics of photography.

5. Do you think being a photographer is a good job?

 Yes, I think being a photographer is a good job. It is a glamorous job. In it, you Are always in glamour because You Mostly have to click pictures of the events or the scenic beauties. So this is an enjoyable activity, and it is not at all boring.

6. On what occasions do people need formal photos?

 People need formal photos when the nature of the event is formal. 

So it is about office meetings or Passports or identification cards for those things people like to have formal photos.

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