Describe a job one of your grandparents did IELTS Cue Card

Describe a job one of your grandparents did IELTS Cue Card


Describe a job one of your grandparents did.
You should say:

whose job it was
what job it was
how he/she carried out the job
and explain what you have learned from it

Sample Answer

 One of my grandparents is a housewife, and the job she did was taking care of the family and being the representative or the head of the family, and she did it in a very disciplined way.

 From morning till night, she used to take care of everyone, and as a child, she pampered me and my brother a lot. She also taught us moral values; I will never forget those lessons. I learned from her how to keep a family together and resolve relationship conflicts. 

She is good at it and still very enthusiastic whenever we talk about any family function, so the most important thing I have learned from her is that age is just a number. Even in her old age, she is enthusiastic, motivating me to work.


What memories do you have of spending time with your grandparents during your childhood? 

When I was a child, my grandfather would pick mangoes from the farm and they would dip them in a bucket. I used to enjoy the organic mangoes, and we had a great time. That is one memory that I will never forget.

How do you think the role of grandparents differs from that of parents in a family? 

Our role as grandparents differs from that of our parents because grandparents pamper their grandchildren and teach moral values, whereas our parents are a little firm. They focus on our academics as well as our extracurricular activities.

Can you share a valuable lesson or piece of wisdom that you have learned from your grandparents?

 A valuable lesson that I have learned from my grandparents is that everything happens for a reason. Even if there was a minor incident in my life when I was a child, they used to tell me that everything happens for a reason and to worry; this must be related to something that will happen in the future, and later on, I used to believe on that because everything happened in my life and it was for a reason.

 In what ways do you think grandparents contribute to the family dynamics and overall well-being of their grandchildren?

 Grandparents are the head of the family, and their wisdom and aura keep the family together; they are the people who are supposed to enjoy and let other people want their own lives.

How has the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren evolved over the generations?

 Over the generations, the relationship has depleted because earlier people used to live in a joint family with their grandparents. Still, nowadays, not many people do that, and they live in nuclear families where they visit their grandparents. Still, it is very different from living with your grandparents. It is another kind of experience.

What are some traditions or rituals in your family that involve grandparents? 

There are certain things, like my grandfather’s birthday, which is on the 1st of January, so we always celebrate New Year’s Eve or the countdown differently. If we go to a restaurant where everybody is celebrating and saying Happy New Year, we use to sing a happy birthday song, and that is one memorable thing I think my grandparents and I have.

How do grandparents bridge the generation gap and connect with younger family members?

 My grandparents do this a lot. They ask my brother to help them with their cell phone if there is a setting. My grandfather is a person who likes to learn a lot, and he never gives up on learning. Even if there is a small setting on the phone, he will ask me to teach him, not just to do it for him, so that is something unique about him.

What challenges do grandparents face in the modern world, and how can families support them? 

Grandparents, in general, face a lot of exploitation. Elderly abuse is very prevalent these days. People don’t want to keep their grandparents to themselves, and they leave them for the nursing home. That is a devastating fact about this society, but I believe that people should not do it because they have taken care of you all their lives, and this is the right time to pay them back.

 How do you envision your relationship with your grandchildren in the future? 

As the generation is, I will give them their own space in the future. Whatever my grandparents gave me, I will pass that on to my grandchildren.

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