Describe something you would like to change in your lifestyle IELTS Cue Card

Describe something you would like to change in your lifestyle IELTS Cue Card


Describe something you would like to change in your lifestyle.
You should say:

what it is
why it is important
when you plan to do it
and explain what you would need to do to achieve it.

Sample Answer

Something I would like to change in my lifestyle is the use of excessive amounts of mobiles and laptops. My weekday screen time is 4-5 hours; on weekends, it still gets 6-7 hours. It is important to me because I have figured out that increased screen time is not only affecting my vision but also killing my time. 

I could have done something important to me that could have been fruitful to my career, and I am still working on it. I will make rules for myself, and I will try to follow those rules from 1 of April. I can turn off the Wi-Fi for some hours in the day.

 The only time I am not using my phone is when I am playing, so I have thought that when I return home after the game, I will submit my phone to my mother for some time, at least when I am studying or working. I need to do it because I have realized that I have been wasting my time on social media apps just by scrolling Instagram Reels, which has decreased my attention span and focus. So, there are better things to do in life, and I will work on them. 


How would you define your current lifestyle, and what aspects do you enjoy the most? 

So, compared to my other family members, my current lifestyle is not at all sedentary. I recently graduated from college, and although I have fewer things to do, I still keep myself very active throughout the day. I do not sit in one place; I cannot sit in one place, not even for one hour. Having an active lifestyle can lead to better mental health, and that is how I am coping these days.

How does your daily routine shape your lifestyle, and how do you maintain consistency? 

So, my daily routine is to wake up at 8 am, and after that, I must attend a class. After that, I helped my father do some things related to his work, and in between, I got time to complete my homework. I also have to look after my mother and help my family members in the kitchen.

After that, in the evening, when I get time, I go for a game, or if there is no plan among my friends, I go and hit the gym. After coming home, it is already 8. 30 or 9, so all my family members and I sit together for dinner, and by the end of the day, I am trying not to use my phone and sleep as early as possible. 

This routine has helped me cope with not missing my hostel because my friends are critical of me. Since I returned from the hostel, I used to miss my hostel days a lot, but now that I am busy, that has reduced.

How do you balance work, leisure, and personal time in your lifestyle? 

So, as of now, I help my dad and my mom with their work, so apart from that, I get some time During. During that time, I mostly scroll through Instagram Reels, and in the evening, the best part of the day is when I go out and play. That is my leisure activity, and along with that, after that, most of the day I spend in the kitchen with my mother, so that is how I have been keeping up.

Have you made any significant changes to your lifestyle recently? 

Yes, one of the most significant changes I have made was my transition from my college in the hostel to home. It was challenging because you had to follow specific rules at home, but you lived like a free spirit in a hostel. 

I made this habit of waking up at 8, eating at the proper time, and just doing all my tasks in a day, but at the hostel, when we had no classes and no duty hours, then we used to waste a lot of time we used to chill with friends so that is one thing which I have changed over the time.

What habits or practices have you adopted to promote a healthier lifestyle?

 So, one of my latest habits, which I have adopted, is to take a healthy pre-workout drink. Before then, I consumed some caffeine. The primary sources were coffee, black coffee, or tea, but nowadays, I have switched to healthier options like beetroot juice, which is full of electrolytes, which has helped me do better in my game.

How do you manage stress and maintain well-being within your lifestyle? 

I manage stress by talking it out with my family members, and yes, stress and anxiety are a part that decreases your performance throughout the day. 

Still, if you have figured out your ways of escaping the anxiety or understanding the aura that gives you anxiety, you can avoid it. If you cannot prevent it, then you can follow, take measures to control it, or do some relaxation activity that can calm your anxiety.

What are your thoughts on minimalist living or simplifying one’s lifestyle? Have you ever tried it? 

A simple lifestyle is always a great way to live, but it will decrease your ability to achieve many things. Suppose, for example, a person has recently graduated. They plan to do nothing at home and live a very minimalist life. 

Still, in that time, they could do many things like catching up on their hobbies or building new hobbies, which should be done. A Minimalist lifestyle is for people who cannot do many things. Still, you should do as much as possible when you have time.

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