Describe a radio program/show that you find interesting IELTS Cue Card

Describe a radio program/show that you find interesting IELTS Cue Card


Describe a radio program/show that you find interesting.
You should say:

what it is about
which radio station broadcasts it
how often you listen to it

Sample Answer

So, a radio program I found interesting was broadcast on 94. 7 Red FM, and I used to listen to it every night while preparing for competitive exams.

 It was in 2018 and 19, and I used to listen to it every night because there was this RJ; she used to talk about teenagers’ problems and give specific advice.

 She used to take up calls from adults and teenagers; they used to ask questions, and then she was supposed to reply. Her answers were very different, and I found it very interesting. Some things I took from her and implemented in my life that were of benefit and that I will remember because, in the most crucial phase of my academic journey, I had to appear for competitive exams for my college.

 At that time, I never had time for anything, nor did I have a mobile phone, but I used to ask my mom to give me the mobile phone for at least 20 minutes, and I used to listen to her because her answers were very insightful. 


Do talk shows on radio provide a valuable platform for discussing important issues?

 Yes, any platform that discusses important issues important to society or personal health is essential. It targets the sector of society, and people listen to it, so yes, it will impact their lives. 

How do you think the format of talk shows differs from other forms of media, such as podcasts or television?

 So, if we look at podcasts or television, the flow of information is one-sided. Still, in a talk show, there is a dialogue between two people: a person who is hosting the show, that person calls that person and asks a question of interest. Then they answer to it, and that provides information, and it becomes interesting because it is a conversation, it is a dialogue between two people.

 Can you describe a memorable episode or segment from a radio talk show that left a lasting impression on you?

 Yes, if I talk about that same radio program, it was cold that day, and somebody called that RJ and asked if I would be a student. I want to focus on my exams, but I need help. It is also cold, so how do I make up for that?

 The person who hosted the program could feel that question is essential because most people not in the competitive exam phase might not take that question seriously. Still, she took the pain, understood the concept and the idea and thought, and gave the answer. She listed out many ways by which we can try to focus more besides the extreme weather conditions.

What topics are best suited for discussion on radio talk shows and why? 

So, anything relatable to people can be discussed for a radio talk show. It can be about a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits, or the importance of physical activity. 

Even some sensitive topics can be talked about, but they should always take care of the trigger zone. Besides that, they can talk about how exploitation is being held in society and how people are taking advantage of the negative impacts on a person who is being bullied, so this kind of topic can be taken up. 

How do radio talk shows adapt to changing audience preferences and technological advancements such as streaming services and podcasts? 

So streaming services and podcasts are new, providing a better understanding because people listen to them. Many influential speakers create podcasts, directing the listeners to a particular path.

What do you envision as the future of radio talk shows, considering the rise of digital media platforms and changing audience habits?

 Radio talk shows will be replaced with other things because most people don’t enjoy radio broadcasting or radio talk shows or podcasts as much as they want different things. After all, the other platforms include or engage their two sense organs, so they enjoy it better, whereas radio programs can seem boring to some people.

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