Describe a Bad Weather Experience IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Bad Weather Experience IELTS Cue Card


Describe a bad weather experience

You should say:

What sort of bad weather it was?

When did it happen?

Where you were then?

Sample Answer 1


There is no denying this conviction that good weather uplifts our mood; on the other hand, bad weather sometimes puts us in a state of absolute disarray.

Although I have had many situations when I experienced terrible weather, one is exceptional and worth mentioning.

What sort of bad weather was it? When did it happen?

Last year during the Monsoon, there was torrential rainfall, and due to that, the whole city went into chaos as rivers, streams, and other waterbodies were overflowing, and walking in the streets was a daunting task. Moreover, it caused landslides, which damaged buildings, roads, and other infrastructure, and affected the livelihood of the weaker sections of society.

The heavy downpour disrupted transportation and communication networks, making it challenging for people to travel and contact their near and dear ones.

Furthermore, the heavy rainfall also damaged crops, leading to financial losses for agriculturists and traders. Additionally, it led to the spread of diseases like cholera and malaria.

Where were you then?

I was with my family during that time, and we were travelling to a hill station to celebrate the summer vacation. But, unfortunately, the joy and excitement we had for the trip were short-lived because the torrential rainfall played the role of a spoilsport.

We waited for the rain to stop, and when it declined, we rushed back home and sighed in relief.

The horrifying memories of that day are still etched in my memories.

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