BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 10th November

BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 10th November


Many different countries have most shops and products as the same. Some consider it a positive development, whereas others consider it negative. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.


It is undoubtedly true that the involvement of globalisation has changed the way of shopping of people in the contemporary world. It is stated that the availability of goods and supermarkets are identical in a nation that many consider a constructive development. At the same time, the rests of the masses think paradoxically. However, this essay will elaborate on both sides of the above assertion in the forthcoming clauses with suitable instances.

There are diverse reasons the similarities in products and shops in distinct countries are regarded as a positive development. However, the predominant cause is that it creates stronger relationships among nations. Most items are imported and exported by different regions, such as branded clothes, food items, equipment and many more, on behalf of citizens’ requirements. In this way, it is evident that all nations become interdependent on one another to exchange goods. As a result, they have to maintain unbreakable relationships and bond with each other. To exemplify it, India is currently the best food-growing country globally, whereas America is well-known for its advanced technology gadgets. Therefore, every year India exports edible products to the USA, taking new and updated equipment from them. Consequently, both nations rely upon each other to fulfil their Necessities, and their relationships are more robust now.

On the other hand, despite having abundant benefits of similar shops and objects in a distinct region, it has some negative impacts. The first and foremost demerit of this phenomenon is the creation of dullness in the shopping sector. In other words, when individuals commute to other countries as immigrants, they are always excited to purchase something new and unique. At the same time, if everything is provided of the same quality worldwide, as a repercussion, folks will get bored and avoid anything from there. For instance, take the example of Canada, where identical clothes brands are available in supermarkets like in India. When individuals move there as a tourist, nobody purchases clothes from there due to the lack of variety of brands and quality. Hence, similarities in shops and objects are proven outrageous in some cases.

To conclude, having the same goods and shopping stores everywhere have advantages and disadvantages. However, this shopping pattern is more beneficial as it builds relationships among nations and reduces the homesickness problem.

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