BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 7th November

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 7th November




Q1. Is there good scenery in your hometown, or does your hometown has a lot of scenic views?

My city has a lot of scenic beauty because it is in the foothills of the Himalayas, and in the winter, snow-covered mountain peaks give it an alluring background. Apart from this, there are places like Rose Garden, Rock Garden, and Sukhna Lake, which have a lot of scenic views from people from all walks of life.

Q2. Do you enjoy visiting places with beautiful views?

Yes, I love to visit places with many scenic views because such sites provide calm and comfort. Secondly, I have this uncanny knack for clicking photographs every day, and I get an excellent background to hone my photography skills at such places.

Q3. Do you like taking pictures of beautiful scenery?

Yes, I like taking pictures of beautiful scenery because that enhances the beauty of a photograph. However, without a natural and scei=nic background, the photos look monotonous. Due to this reason, I try my best to have a scenic backdrop while clicking any picture.

Q4. Do you like staying in hotels with beautiful views?

I like staying in hotels with beautiful views because that helps me click wonderful pictures to hone my photography skills.

Q5. Do you think cities are beautiful?

There is no denying this conviction that cities provide a boatload of facilities to their dwellers for education, healthcare, and entertainment. However, due to the crass commercialization and activities like deforestation, the scenic beauty of the cities has gone for a toss. Barring lakes, parks, and malls, the urban area has few beautiful places.


Describe the place of great scenic beauty that you recently visited

What place did you visit?
When did you visit it?
What did you see?
Why did you like it?



In the modern era, industrialization has made inroads in our lives, and the places with scenic beauties are declining. And one has to visit far-flung places to experience the natural beauty of nature.

Recently I visited one such place which is worth mentioning.

What place did you visit? And When did you see it?

Last year due to the corona pandemic, there was a lockdown in my city, and I remained indoors for six months. Finally, when the administration lifted the lockdown, I breathed relief, and to celebrate the much-awaited freedom, I visited the nearby hill station Kasauli.

What did you see?

Firstly I saw the Kasauli Baptist Church. It was built in 1923, and this tall building is still intact.

After that, I visited various hilltops and clicked numerous pictures. Being a photography enthusiast, I love clicking pictures, and due to the immense beauty of the hills in Kasauli, I connected all images with different backgrounds.

Since I went in winter, a few snowcapped hills were visible, and I captured them with my camera.

Why did you like it?

Kasauli is a clean and pristine hill station. Unlike other places with hills, it is not overcrowded, and there is not much development over here. Due to this reason, the beauty is in its original shape.

Moreover, there was no hustle and bustle, so I enjoyed it with complete freedom, and the quality time I had over, there will always remain etched in my memories.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe the place of great scenic beauty that you recently visited

Q1.Why are the places with scenic beauty on a decline?

In this modern era, industrialization is at its peak. Due to that, massive deforestation has taken place, which has ruined nature to a great extent. Apart from that, the enormous incline in all types of pollution has become a veiled threat to flora and fauna. All these activities clubbed together have led to the decline in scenic spots.

Q2.What can the government do to preserve the scenic spots?

To preserve the scenic spots government needs to stop deforestation around them. Apart from that, it must close the nearby industries and 

develop greenery.

Q3.Are scenic spots good for the nation’s economy?

The scenic spots are a blessing for the nation’s economy because they bring many tourists, generating employment for local people. Moreover, the money spent by the tourists adds to the state’s exchequer.

Q4.Can government create more scenic spots?

The government can create more scenic spots by combining technology with nature. It can create artificial lakes and other water bodies. Moreover, it can enhance the green area through aforestation.

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