BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 7th November

BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, People can eat a wide variety of food from other regions. As a result, they are eating a lot of foreign food instead of locally produced food.

BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 7th November


People can eat a wide variety of food from other regions. As a result, they are eating a lot of foreign food instead of locally produced food. Do you think the advantages of eating foreign foods are more than their harms?


There is no denying this conviction that the worldwide availability of each food product has brought a paradigm shift in people’s eating habits. In addition, the broader availability of imported food products has encouraged the masses to have them in place of local food. However, these changed eating habits of individuals have more pitfalls than advantages.

There are myriad reasons why the consumption of imported food is regarded as disadvantageous for the public. The preponderant demerit is the disappearance of cultural food. To explain it, unquestionably, if people tend to eat ethnic cuisine regularly instead of locally produced goods. As a result, the native food of that place may lose its existence somewhere. To exemplify it, take the example of Punjab, where people use to eat varieties of food products that come from other countries instead of their own. As a result, the cultural food of that region is at the edge of extinction. Thus, eating more imported food may be harmful to preserving native food. In addition, another striking con of eating ethnic cuisine is the contamination of the environment. It is a matter of fact that using ships, airplanes, and trains is done by individuals for the sake of food importation. Consequently, water and air pollution also spread Continuously on the earth.

On the other hand, despite having various demerits of eating ethnic cuisine, it also provides few benefits to the public.
Eating exotic food’s first and foremost advantage is that it strengthens interpersonal relationships among nations. In other words, undoubtedly, when all the countries deal with each other for the importation of food, it is evident that they become dependent upon one another thoroughly; as a repercussion, their relationships may never be broken at any expense. For instance, the kiwi is known as a native fruit of Newzealand. Now, every nation imports that fruit from there; consequently, it becomes possible for that country to build a better relationship with well-developed nations. Thereby, importing food from other nations also eliminates the chances of conflicts among regions.

To conclude, unquestionably, having overseas cuisines is not outrageous for folks; they should eat it at some limit; otherwise, the consequences may be unimaginable as the contamination of the environment and existence of cultural food may lose due to overconsumption.

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