You have recently used a moving company to move your household items

IELTS General:Task 1:Letter Writing

You have recently used a moving company to move your household items to a new place and they have been damaged in transfer. Write a Letter to the company’s manager and say

– When and where did it take place?
– What is your complaint?
– Suggest a reasonable solution.

Dear Mr John,

Last week, I came across the impeccable reviews of your goods transport agency, and I opted for your services to move my household items from Delhi to Bangalore. Upon receiving the goods at my residence in Bangalore today, I learned, to my dismay, that a majority of the household goods have badly damaged in the transit and despite making numerous calls to the customer support, I am unable to get any satisfactory response.

I have already called your customer support thrice since morning to complain about the damaged goods and each time I have ended up explaining the extent of the damage to the goods. These unprecedented delays are highly frustrating, and as a result, I have lost my faith in your organisation. I hope that someone will look into this complaint and will address my concern promptly.

To conclude, my experience with your company is highly unsatisfactory. Therefore not only do I request a full refund of the cost which I incurred while availing your services but also I expect that you pay the exact price of the damages done to the electronic items.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

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