These days in some countries an increasing number of young adults IELTS Essay

These days in some countries an increasing number of young adults IELTS Essay

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These days, in some countries, an increasing number of young adults are choosing to spend their whole weekend inside their own homes Why do you think this is happening? Is this a positive or negative development?

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In the contemporary epoch, many youngsters in a few nations like to spend the weekends inside their houses. This essay will suggest that the significant reason for this is the inclining count of technologies and video games and, in my opinion, it is a negative development because people are becoming lazier.

To begin with, a huge development in modern technologies and video games has attracted numerous youngsters. As a result, they always want to use and learn new technologies, so they spend most of their time with these technologies and do not want to go out with their loved ones to spend time together. Moreover, children also want to play video games rather than outdoor games with friends. For example, it has been reported in a recent survey of Times Magazine that adults who are born in the 21st century spend most of their time on computers, laptops and mobile phones.

In my opinion, this behaviour of young people not going outside on weekends makes them overly lazy. As a result, this can increase their addiction to new technologies, which may harm their brain and raise the danger of severe diseases. Moreover, this addiction can keep them away from their loved ones, raising a concern about losing them forever. For instance, in a recent report from a famous newspaper, it has been highlighted that 60% of adults have weak eyesight after constant use of mobile phones and laptops.

To sum up, the inclining use of technology is the primary reason for young people staying at their homes on weekends. It is a negative development as it may harm them physically and mentally.

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