More and more people work at home and study at home IELTS Essay

More and more people work at home and study at home IELTS Essay

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More and more people work at home and study at home with the development of computer technology. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

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As computer technology has developed so much, many people have started working from home and prefer online classes for their studies. It is a positive development because it is more comfortable, flexible and saves time. Additionally, it is good for the environment.

Working or studying from home is more comfortable than going to offices or universities because it saves time as people do not have to travel compared to working from the office. People can do their jobs from anywhere worldwide, so they do not have to take leave if they need to go somewhere. It also helps the families to spend time with each other. For example, during the pandemic, most IT companies provided work-from to their employees, which allowed them to work efficiently while being there with their families.

Additionally, working from home is environment friendly as people have stopped traveling daily, due to which air pollution is decreasing. As well as this, people do not have to cut trees and forests to build their offices. It also helps in reducing the usage of resources like electricity. Gitlab is a prime example of a company that does not have a physical office and operates with all its employees working remotely.

To conclude, people adopting work from home or study from home after the advancement of computer technology is a great step because it helps them save time and prevent pollution from being polluted.

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