The internet is a great source of information IELTS Essay

The internet is a great source of information IELTS Essay

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The internet is a great source of information and has opened up opportunities for people to learn all over the world. Is all information reliable on the internet? What could be done to control information online?

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In this contemporary epoch, technological advancements made the internet a valid source of information for individuals to learn about the world. However, most of the information on the internet is false because many fake sites post things just for publicity. To prevent the wrong information, people should only trust well-known sites and do proper research before believing any facts.

To begin with, the information people get from the internet is only sometimes true because so many social networking sites post wrong information for views and publicity. So, individuals create fake websites on the internet and publish false news, which is just rumours, so that they can get opinions and earn money. Moreover, they advertise products such as hair care, skincare, makeup products, and many other things people use daily. Those advertisements persuade people to buy those products by showing them benefits that are not realistic. For example, searching for the best skin care products will offer thousands of websites that sell different products. Some are just making people and selling their products at high costs.

To control the information online, people should research before believing in any information or news displayed on the internet. They should only follow a few reputed websites to get the right information. If individuals watch any report published on Instagram, Facebook, and other social sites, they should ensure that the information they get is true before forwarding it to others. For instance, National news channels are present worldwide and are well-known television channels that only display the right information. So, people only trust those reputed websites to get information.

To conclude, the internet is a great source of information, but fake websites provide some wrong information to earn money. Individuals should do good research before trusting any news or other information on the internet to prevent scams.

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