You want to hold a surprise party for a friend IELTS Letter

You want to hold a surprise party for a friend IELTS Letter

IELTS Letter Topic

You want to hold a surprise party for a friend who is visiting his hometown after a long time from a foreign country. Write a letter to a common friend asking for his help in organizing the party and in your letter: Write the reasons for organizing the party Describe when, where and how you would be organizing the party Ask your friend to meet you in person for further discussions

Sample Answer 1

Dear Andrew,

I hope you are in the best of your condition. Today, I am writing to seek your help in organizing a party for our friend Aditya, who is coming to India on 7 September 2023 and visiting his hometown after four long years. As he was living in Canada, he might have missed his culture, friends, and family. So, I would like to throw a party for him in which he can feel close to his traditions and loved ones.

I am planning to organize the party on 10 September 2023, as it’s a Sunday, and most guests will be able to come. Moreover, the venue would be my farmhouse in Sector 126, Noida, as it is very spacious and we can organize the party easily. Additionally, I would like to throw a traditional-themed party, including a traditional dress code, so that our friend could relive his old moments in India.

I have a long list of things we can do to improve the party. I want to meet you personally for further discussion. Please suggest any peaceful place where we can meet and discuss the party.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Yours lovingly,

Sample 2

Dear Arjun, 

I am doing great, and I hope you are also in the pink of your health. I am excited that Devinder is coming to Chandigarh for her sister’s wedding. I want to organize a get-together with our old school friends to surprise him.

I am keen to meet our old crime partners and enjoy this moment with every person in our class. I am planning to arrange this party at Chandigarh Lake Club, which is situated in our hometown, and everyone will also be able to come there easily. Most of our friends are married, and the gathering will be around 100. 

I am thinking of making this moment memorable by using an ethnic-wearing theme. As Devinder is coming after five years, he must be in touch with our culture. The menu of the restaurant should be Indian cuisine. He is very fond of eating our traditional items. I hope you like my plan and want to discuss many other things with you. I hope we can meet this coming Sunday to book a place and send an invitation to the other classmates. 

Thanks and regard.

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