The adverse effect of sugar on health is well known to the public now

The adverse effect of sugar on health is well known to the public now

IELTS Essay Topic

The adverse effect of sugar on health is well known to the public now. Some believe that the government should control the amount of sugar people consume. Others think that it is the responsibility of an individual to monitor their sugar intake. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Model Answer

People these days are fully aware of the harmful impact of sugar on our well-being. A few people opine that the higher authorities must regulate the public’s sugar intake, whereas others postulate that the onus for this lie on the individuals themselves. This essay believes that it is an individual’s bounden duty to look after his eating habits. However, the essay will discuss both views.

A section of society holds the belief that government must take the responsibility of curbing the consumption of sugar by people. As per them, the government has the power and resources to make stringent guidelines that would prompt people to limit their sugar intake. Hence, this duty should fall under the frame of operations of the government. However, this argument is incorrect because mitigating the habits of individuals is a daunting task that would require a lot of time and energy. Moreover, the government’s central focus on such issues could hamper the development and progress of the nation. For example, despite the government’s strict policies against tobacco, people still indulge in tobacco consumption.

On the other hand, a few people opine that individuals are the best caretakers for their health. People are well aware of the requirements of their body and can manage their well-being in a better way. Moreover, a paradigm shift in eating habits requires a lot of willpower and determination from the individual’s end. Hence keeping the individuals accountable for maintaining their sugar intake is a prudent approach. Japan is the prime example, where the overall health of people is in good shape because of the age-old tradition of giving more importance to health by the people of that nation.

In conclusion, although higher authorities must take measures to decline excessive sugar intake, as per my opinion, mainly, it is the indubitable responsibility of people to refrain from savouring excess sugar and avoid any disastrous effects on fitness.

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