Some people encourage young children to leave their parents house

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Some people encourage young children to leave their parents’ house as soon as possible they become adults while others say that children should live with their family as long as possible. Discuss both views, and give your opinion.

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A few people opine that it is good to motivate youngsters to leave their parents home at an early age, Whereas others assert that children should live with their families for a longer time. This essay firmly postulates that living under one roof with parents is a worthwhile proposition for youngsters. However, this essay will discuss both views.

A section of society thinks that for youngsters leaving their parents home is a prudent approach because it provides ample opportunities to gain responsibility and practical skills. Apart from this, managing house chores and finances independently make them self-reliant, which is a crucial life skill for all walks of life. Nonetheless, without the guidance of elders, there is a high probability that young people may lead to the wrong trajectory. In the absence of supervision, they are more likely to indulge in unlawful activities, such as drugs or alcohol consumption, which may jeopardize their career. For instance, recent research showed that 72 percent of adults, who live on their own, come under the influence of unscrupulous people and drug peddlers.

On the other hand, sharing a house with parents is beneficial because young people can learn from their heaps of experience related to career, relationship, and many other fields. Moreover, the unabated support and guidance of their family members motivate adolescents to grow further and achieve their desired goals with fewer distractions and stress. Hence, it strengthens the family bond, preserves the family traditions, and also gives a sense of security. India is a prime example where most of the juveniles are allowed to live with their family throughout their life, and they live a more stress-free life as compared to those who do not stay with family.

To conclude, although an independent life makes youngsters confident, there are more chances to get influenced by negative aspects. Living under the aegis of parents not only secures them from anti-social elements but also improves the family relationship.

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