Many university students do part-time work while studying at university.

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Many university students do part-time work while studying at university.Is this a positive or negative development?

These days, many tertiary students prefer to engage in part-time work while pursuing their education. It is a positive development because firstly, students can finance their education, and secondly, they gain work experience.

Part-time jobs empower students to generate funds for their studies. As education in this competitive era has grown quite expensive, most parents need help to arrange sufficient money to pay their children’s education fees. Therefore, a part-time job helps students procure funds to get seamless education, which is one of the prerequisites for a decent career in today’s epoch. America is the prime example where many students financially support their education through part-time work.

Moreover, the experience gained from part-time work has the potential to lead the students towards an impressive growth trajectory. These days, excessive focus is being laid on practical knowledge, and numerous companies prefer experienced persons because they can handle conflicts adroitly. Apart from this, students with on-job experience perform well in business too. Hence, trained students have a higher probability of having a successful career. For example, The Times of India reported that most of the leading IT companies in India, while recruiting, prefer candidates with part-time work experience.

To conclude, the practice of doing a part-time job along with a university education is a worthwhile proposition because they can generate funds for their studies and prepare them for a future career by gaining adequate experience.

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