Mobile phones and the Internet are very useful for old people IELTS ESSAY


: Mobile phones and the Internet are very useful for old people. However, this section of the population is the fewer users of mobile phones and the Internet. In what ways can mobile phones and the Internet be useful to old people? How can old people be encouraged to use this new technology?

Suggested Answer:

Although contemporary technologies such as cellphones and cyberspace are quite beneficial, there is a growing consensus among people that only a small percentage of the elderly population use them. There are numerous benefits of using these technologies and, some worthwhile measures should be adopted to motivate them to make use of these technologies.

 There is no denying this conviction that the usage of cellphones and the Internet is highly beneficial for the elderly. It is the most effective medium for them to be in touch with their near and dear ones. New generation phones have made it easy for them to make calls, video calls and connect the cyberspace which offers a plethora of free communicating applications for people to have a direct contact like Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin etc. My grandfather is the prime example of this because he has managed to find his school time friends through a mobile phone application named Instagram.

 The young generation ought to come forward for helping the older generation to make effective use of modern communication systems. Because of their age, approaching modern technologies is a daunting task for a large section of the elderly population. Thus, the younger generation should provide them with unabated support on how to use these technologies by showcasing the facilities provided. Such steps could generate the interest of the elderly population in modern communication techniques. For example, in Japan, a sizeable percentage of the elderly population use smartphones because of the awareness created by the younger generation.

In conclusion, mobile phones and, the Internet provide unstinted support to the elderly. It is the bounden duty of the youngsters to help the elderly make effective use of these facilities.

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