IELTS Speaking Part 1:Saving Money 

IELTS Speaking Part 1:Saving Money

Did you save money when you were young? 

Money is essential for everyone; if they save, they can easily use it in difficult situations. I also like to save money, and I kept some part of my earnings when I was young,

Have you ever given money to other children? 

Yes, I am altruistic; whenever I watch a poor child, I give him money. 

Should parents teach children to save money? 

Yes, it is beneficial for every person if parents teach their children how to save money, then they can handle difficult situations quickly. 

Do parents give children pocket money in your culture?

 In my culture, parents mostly give pocket money to their offspring, but it is not beneficial for children because sometimes they use money for useless things.

Are you good at saving money?

 I am perfect at saving money; I keep some of them whenever I have extra funds to earn interest. 

What kind of things do people save money for? 

 Well, there are lots of things people save money, like if they want to purchase a car or house and fulfill their dreams. They start to save their money. 

Why do you think some people cannot save money? 

Some people cannot save money because, according to them, life is for enjoyment, so they spend their money on parties, new clothes, and expensive gadgets.

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