IELTS Speaking Part 1:Physical Exercise 

IELTS Speaking Part 1:Physical Exercise

1.What kind of exercises do you do?

I go to the gym every day. So there are a lot of gym activities which I do. First, I run on the treadmill, stretch, and do cardio and yoga. 

    2. Should children play sports regularly?

     Children should play games and sports every day because it keeps them fit and is also an excellent activity to refresh their minds from daily things. 

    3. What was your favourite sport when you were young? 

    As I’m living in India, cricket is my favourite sport. Even now, I also love to play cricket. I love to watch cricket. I love to hear news about the cricket. 

     4. Do you like extreme sports? 

    Yes, I want to do extreme sports. It’s a very challenging sport. And whenever we do that, it gives us a different kind of feeling, an adventurous feeling. And no other sport can provide it. 

    5. What kind of exercises are popular in your country?

     I’m from India, and in my country, as I live in India, yoga is the most popular among all generations. It doesn’t matter if they are old or young. Everybody is like to yoga. 

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