IELTS Speaking Part 1:Internet

IELTS Speaking Part 1:Internet

How has the Internet changed how people communicate compared to before? 

If I talk about ancient times, people used to communicate through; people used to communicate verbally. They used to write letters. Pigeon carriers were used to transport the letters from distant apart. But these days, people have been in their homes since the internet era. They are typing and sending a message to the person they want to. And it is very convenient. The Internet has been a great way to communicate nationally, internationally, or sometimes even in one home. People try to communicate through phones. Which is a little funny, but yes, the Internet has saved all of us. 

What are some of the significant positive impacts of the Internet on society? 

The Internet has had many significant positive impacts on society. First of all, it has made the communication easier. One of the most essential communication barriers was distance. 

The Internet has covered that. Apart from that, the Internet has given employment to so many people that they can work, and these days, people can work from home as well, which is very convenient for them. 

Apart from that, it has given employment to influencers. It has given birth to digital marketing, and people are sourcing their relaxation time through the Internet by listening to music and other things like watching web series or movies; it has become a part of our lives. I think the Internet is an inseparable part now. 

Can you discuss some potential negative consequences of widespread internet usage? 

One of the most alarming situations I feel is that the Internet is available for all people of all age groups. So now, if I talk about kids, children should not be given the Internet, and they should be given the Internet but with some control. 

Because there can be some unsettling or provocative things on the Internet that might disrupt the child’s well-being, it can also create stress and fear, which can later lead to aggressive behaviour or some childhood trauma in the future, and that is not good. In some communities or countries, the Internet has been used to mislead the youth, which is a negative aspect of having it. 

How has the Internet influenced the way people access information and learn new things? 

So, with the increasing advancements in technology, everybody owns a gadget, most of which are cell phones, laptops, or tablets. The Internet is there in their gadget, and people access information through various web browsers. It has become straightforward because internet connectivity’s strength is increasing daily. 

People are installing Wi-Fi in their workplaces and at home. So, it has been an excellent source for people’s entertainment, and if they are trying to learn something, people can also do distance education. That is also because of the availability of the Internet. 

What role does the Internet play in your daily life? 

So, in my daily life, the first thing I do when I wake up after reading a small prayer is check my cell phone for messages. So, my day starts with the Internet, and my day ends with the Internet. 

Before going to bed, I check my phone to see if there is any message or if I have to call somebody. After that, I took a class, which was also possible due to the Internet. In between, sometimes, I watch a movie because of the Internet. In between, I scroll a lot on Instagram and sometimes Twitter—my brother and I video call often, which is also possible because of the Internet. 

How has social media impacted interpersonal relationships and interactions?

 If I compare it to the older times, people use Facebook to celebrate their achievements. But these days, all the relatives or extended family members just put a post on any social network website like Instagram or Facebook. From there, we know that this person has achieved this okay. We also write a comment that congratulations.

 So this is one thing that is there, and people communicate through their posts and stories on these websites. The bond people used to have in the past is no longer here because people first need more time. And secondly, it is possible to interact through posts and stories, so they feel this is very convenient. 

Should there be regulations or limitations on internet usage? Why or why not? 

There shouldn’t be any regulation or limit on the usage of the Internet because everybody has their requirement and usage of the Internet. 

The Internet is not only used for bad things or has negative impacts. But if I look at the industries and the type of employment it has provided to many people and families, 

People grow professionally, even if they do not have a formal education. They’re learning the skills from the Internet. So I don’t think there should be a limit on the services. 

How has the Internet changed the way businesses operate and interact with customers? 

Earlier in every business, documentation is essential. The cash flow, the input and output, the profit margin, and how much the company can hold are also important. All those things are documented. But earlier, it used to be with the help of a pen and paper, which could have been more convenient. 

But nowadays, everybody relies upon the Internet, and people are using it on a wide scale. So businesses are open to more than one corner of the city. It is global and even national and international. So, they create a website for the consumers and make a backend app for the pool of information from all the branches. 

Automatically, AI can generate data into statistics, allowing businesses to analyze their performances. And that has made it very convenient to operate a business from any part of the country to another country as well. 

What are some emerging trends or developments in internet technology that you find exciting or concerning?

 I feel that nowadays, many things are generated by artificial intelligence. So, AI is both friend and foe. I believe that it can be used as a great way to improve many things in life and make life easier.

When it comes to students, they are taking the help of AI, and even in professional settings, people can; even if it’s a job of drafting an email, it has become straightforward. But if I talk about the negative impacts of AI, this can be misleading. It can be used. AI generates many scams and frauds. So, I think certain limitations should be put on the basic core system of AI so that people are not able to misuse it. 

How do you think the Internet will continue to evolve in the future?

 I think in the past years, we have evolved to such an extent that whatever we have this year, I could not have imagined it in 2010. So I think that from here, there is no way to go back, and nobody is stopping the advancement. So I think there will be a time when children will open their books and see animations. So technology is unpredictable, and it is growing. And I just hope that it grows for everybody’s benefit. 

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