Describe an event when you asked for an extension of time to complete something IELTS Cue Card

Describe an event when you asked for an extension of time to complete something IELTS Cue Card


Describe an event when you asked for an extension of time to complete something.
You should say:

when it was
what task you were doing
whom you requested the extension of time
and explain how long you had been granted as an extension of time.

Sample Answer

 So, an event when I requested an extension was last year when I was in college, and we were supposed to do a group research project. We also discussed a very different topic, which made the work even more complicated. 

Because it was the first research in our lives, there were nine of us, and we were supposed to complete the study in eight months. However, due to many reasons and the lack of knowledge about it, it was everyone’s first experience. It took us ten months. So we asked for permission from our research coordinator, a professor in our college. 

Her name is Professor Ritu Peena, and she was very kind in providing us with the time. She brought the date of submission for us. We tried our best to complete the whole research project in eight months. But most people were not from different parts of the city. So we could not finish the work and complete it on time. Our research coordinator helped us throughout, and she was accommodating and gave us the time to complete it.


What do you think are the most valid reasons for requesting an extension on a deadline?

 If the person is trying to do the job and after trying or putting in effort, the person is still unable to complete the task. 

The person should ask for an extension in time because if the person has not started the work yet and was just lazy and couldn’t give it a start, then the extension of time should not be considered.

But if the person has tried and could not do it because of some health issue or other technical issue, then it should be considered.

How do you approach communicating with the supervisor or teacher about needing more time to finish an assignment? 

To gain our professors’ confidence, we always first go to them and tell us about the assignment’s progress so that it gives a sense of reassurance. 

It builds a mutual trust that our teachers will also trust that we have at least started and put effort into the work. Then, we ask for their guidance on approaching the task further and completing it. And in that thing, we can also ask for an extension. 

Can you share a time when you granted someone an extension on a deadline and what factors influenced your decision? So, Yes, I have done that before. So we had to organize a workshop in our college, and it was last year, and many teams and committees were formed for every aspect of the workshop. 

For some reason, the invitation committee was making a delay in their work because the invitation for the event was supposed to be sent to all the dignitaries a week before the event. 

However, they needed help to complete the task due to problems and internal conflicts. So I gave them a weekend, and they were able to complete it, and then after two days, they submitted the invitation. 

How do you prioritize tasks when facing multiple deadlines, especially if you need to ask for extensions? 

I prioritize the tasks by looking at them and analyzing the situation. What is the task with the highest priority? I focus on that. I usually ask my brother or friends for help, and they help me.

Even if nobody is available or able to help, then I take some time and complete all the tasks. If this is not possible, I ask the coordinator or the supervisor for an extension. But I always make sure that I am showing progress and have put in an effort, and after that, I ask for an extension. 

What strategies do you use to estimate how much time a project will take? 

So, I learned in college that whenever a project has to be managed, I usually make a part chart. Sometimes, I also get the help of a grand chart. These charts are charts that break the whole task into small objectives.

It is a time-based chart, and I always make that and keep putting it on my vision board to keep checking on it and comparing it to the success of the task’s achievement. 

How do you adjust your plans if you realize you need more time? 

If I require more time to complete a task, I prioritize many things, and sometimes I skip my meals, which is not a healthy practice. 

But sometimes I do that, and if required, I pull an all-nighter, and I don’t sleep for the whole night. I take a few naps in between, but if it’s necessary to complete that task, I will ensure I do it. 

How do you suggest someone should, in your opinion, what are the potential consequences of asking for extensions too frequently? 

Asking for extensions repeatedly leads to a lack of trust, and the other person might think you need to be working on the task. That creates a sense of irresponsibility, which is not good. 

That is why you should always show your project’s progress or current status whenever you request an extension.

How do you manage stress when facing tight deadlines and the possibility of needing to request an extension?

 If the schedule is packed and I can’t get time, I take at least half an hour or 15-minute breaks in between if the work is a stressor for me. 

That will increase efficiency, and I will utilize that from all the other relaxation techniques. Most commonly, if I have to stay alert while working, I grab a coffee, and other than that, I enjoy music at that time. And if I am sleep-deprived, I might also take a nap in between. 

Can you provide an example of a situation in which we’re asking for an extension that ultimately resulted in a better outcome? 

Yes, that happened in my college. There was an organized event, and I was on the organized committee among the seniors. So the seniors were in charge of the whole exhibition. 

In that exhibition, the most dynamic part was ours because we had to make things work three times. So we did not complete the time provided, but we could have done it in one night also because there were so many people in the group. 

But we asked for an extension. We got two days for that, and the outcome was even better. We could make better models than we thought or even planned for.

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