IELTS Speaking Part 1:Fruits and Vegetables

IELTS Speaking Part 1:Fruits and Vegetables

What is your favourite fruit, and why do you like it? 

My favourite fruit is mango. I like it because it comes in various types and is a sweet fruit available in the market in the summertime, which is the best time to enjoy it. 

Is it essential to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables? 

Yes, eating various fruits and vegetables is essential because they are an excellent source of all the nutrients and minerals we are supposed to have in a day. 

How often do you include fruits and vegetables in your daily meals? 

I prefer homemade food; my mother cooks food and ensures that she includes all kinds of vegetables and fruits. So I like having meals at short intervals, including many vegetables and fruits. 

Can you describe a traditional dish from your culture featuring fruits or vegetables? 

A very traditional dish I enjoy is sambar, made of lentils. You can put as many vegetables as you want. It is a healthy source of protein and minerals altogether. If we talk about fruits, custard is another way to get all the fruits into a sweet mixture and a dessert. 

What are some benefits of incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet? 

A balanced diet means incorporating a variety of fruits and vegetables. Not only do these fulfil all the nutritional aspects of the diet, but they are also an excellent source of fibre, which helps digestion and maintains the water balance in other ways. 

Have you ever tried a fruit or vegetable that was new to you? What was your experience like? 

Although my family enjoys drumsticks, I recently tried them. They cook them as vegetables. I never had them because I wouldn’t say I liked the vegetable form. But recently, I had to try them when I had no choice. They were a lovely vegetable because my mom cooked them in a specific way that was very delicious. 

In your opinion, what are the most accessible and challenging vegetables to prepare and cook? 

We are preparing a traditional dish called Sagh, made of green vegetables. All the green leafy vegetables are very tricky and are a long process. It takes a tremendous amount of effort as well. That is one dish which is very difficult to make. 

Do you prefer buying fruits and vegetables from local markets or supermarkets?

 Due to availability, the local market is very near my house—not even a one-minute walk. It is straightforward and convenient for us to get the vegetables from there. However, sometimes, when vegetables are not in excellent condition, we visit a supermarket, so we can buy from there also. 

 How do you ensure you are getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet?

 If I have a busy life schedule, my mother will ensure that I have a good diet. She prepares all the meals for everybody in the house and takes care of everything, especially diet and food. My brother and I prefer a diet with low carbs, and she cooks vegetables in a way we like. Just hold on for a minute.

Do you have any tips for people who want to eat more fruits and vegetables but need help determining where to begin? 

Those who do not eat enough fruits and vegetables must have realized by now how important it is to incorporate all kinds of fruits and vegetables into their diet.

So, I need to understand the fundamental value of these food items and know that they are a high source of rich nutrients and minerals. That is very important, as it will keep them motivated. 

Apart from that, many recipes are easy to cook, retaining all the minerals and vitamins in the vegetables. So people can make that and try those recipes.

Apart from that, they can schedule their eating habits in a certain way, such as taking many meals in a day in short intervals, but every meal is of short proportion. Now the topic is the Internet.

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