IELTS Speaking Part 1:Driving

IELTS Speaking Part 1:Driving

1. Do you drive often?

2.Is there any public transport in your area?

 Plenty of transportation, like subways, railways, and buses, exist. Apart from that, one can also use Uber if someone needs privacy. transportation

 3.Do you want your children to drive in the future?

 Yes, I want my children to drive in the future because it’s like a fast-paced life. Everybody needs a car, and in this fast-paced life, nobody has time to use the bus, and it’s more convenient to drive your vehicle than to take a public one.

4. At what age are people allowed to drive in your country?

 Well, I think it’s so similar to every country, like in my country the legal age for driving is 18

 5.Is it challenging to drive a car?

 Well, yes, it’s challenging to drive a car, especially on highways, and there are specific speed limits that we have to follow. Apart from that, There are also speed limits on the streets, and it’s tough for places like India and China, whose populations are very vast, and I mean, like every person is in a car over there. So it’s it’s tough to drive over there. It’s very challenging.

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