IELTS Speaking Part 1:Sky and Stars

IELTS Speaking Part 1:Sky and Stars

Do you like to see the sky?

 Oh, yeah. I like to see the sky because it’s a perfect activity. It can heal our minds. Especially for the person who loves nature, it gives a feeling of calm over there, and If I talk about the poet and some people with creative minds, they like to get various ideas by looking at the sky.

 How about stars? Do you like to watch them?

 Yes, I also like to see the stars because there are millions of stars in the sky, and after seeing them, I even have millions of opportunities to have a good life. In a nutshell, stars give me a feeling that life is entirely of unlimited things.

 Which is the best place to see the stars?

 There are a lot of places to see the stars, like in India, you can see the clear sky in the mountains.

 How often do you look at the sky?

 Oh, I’m working a night shift now, so I have a lot of chances to see the sky.

 How often do you look at the sky?

 Every evening I remain free, I go for a walk. So, every evening, I look at the sky.

Do you prefer the sky in the morning or the sky at night?

 Oh, well, I love what I like: the sky in the morning because it’s an apparent view, very calm, and the start of the day. So it’s best to start with the morning sky and the fresh air.

 Can you see the moon and stars at night?

I cannot because I live in a hilly area, and the clouds and the bad weather are everyday things here. Sometimes, we get to watch the stars from my place; sometimes, we do not.

 Is there a suitable place where you live to look at the sky?

 There are better places to watch the stars because, as I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of days that are like bad weather in my place. So at my place, I do not prefer to watch the stars here. So I like to go to the plains to look at the sky.

 Which part of your country is the best place to look at the moon and the stars at night?

 There’s a place we call the Gravenhurst, a Mountain area. So I’ve never visited there. But as I heard from the people, you should be over there if you want a generous view of the sky or the stars. That is the only place I know suitable for watching the stars.

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