IELTS Speaking Part 1:Plan

IELTS Speaking Part 1:Plan

1. Do you make plans every day? 

I make daily plans because planning is integral to success and following the right trajectory. Without plans, a person is just like a ship without a radar, always at the mercy of the wind to get directions.

2. Are you good at managing your time?

Yes, I am good at managing my time because I plan what to do every morning and follow my blueprint with determination, dedication, and discipline. It empowers me to handle most of my conflicts adroitly. Moreover, it helps me retain willpower, which comes in limited supply but is vital.

3. What is the latest plan you made?

My latest plan is to travel with my college friends to the Uphills.

Because we are all friends we will be following different trajectories after passing college and due to that we will not get enough time to spend with each other that’s why this trip would allow all of us to spend some time together so that we can cherish the beautiful moments we have had in our college days.

4. What is the hardest part of making plans?

The hardest part of making plans is implementation. Most people are good at making a blueprint and having a deadline, but they need to follow the system mentioned in the plan because implementation is the key to success, and most people fail.

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