IELTS Speaking Part 1 Weather

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Weather

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Weather

Q1. Is there any part of your country where it does not rain much?

There are numerous parts of my country where the rainfall is below average. However, Rajasthan has the distinction of getting the lowest rainfall.

Q2. Can you remember any time when it rained particularly heavily in your hometown?

Two years back, after a prolonged session of scorching heat for two months, there was torrential rainfall in my hometown. The impact was severe with flood-like situations in a few parts.

Q3. Does rain ever affect transportation in your hometown?

The roads in my hometown are not in good condition, and the drainage system requires improvement. Due to this reason, during rainfall, all drains get clogged, and the potholes get filled with rainwater. During such times, going from one place to another is a daunting task.

Q4. Do you like sunshine? Why?

Yes, I like sunshine because it provides innumerable benefits. First and foremost, it improves our sleep. Moreover, it reduces our stress. Apart from this, it helps us to maintain strong bones. Furthermore, it leads to weight loss and strengthens our immune system. Lastly, it helps us in fighting depression and empowers us to live a long life.

Q5. Do you like going outside on the weekends on sunny days?

Yes, because in the winter, sunshine provides us relief from the cold temperature. Therefore in winter, I love to go in the sun during weekends. Ho

Q6.What’s your favourite type of weather and why?

 My favourite type of weather is sunny weather. I enjoy hot summers because I am not a very winter person. I wouldn’t say I like extreme environments, but I like rain, so the best weather for me is sunny. 

Q7.How does the weather influence your daily activities and mood? 

So, the weather plays a vital role for me because being into sports mainly hinders my daily routine, and when I don’t take time out to play daily, I feel very irritated. Something is missing out in life in general. So if the weather is good, it’s not raining, and the environment is not extreme, then it is good.

Q8.Have you ever experienced extreme weather conditions?  Describe the situation and how you dealt with it.?

 Yes, I have recently experienced extreme weather conditions while working night shifts as a student nurse in a hospital, and I still remember the temperature was minus degrees. So whenever we work in a hospital or award, we wash our hands repeatedly before touching another patient. It was tough because there was no hot water supply, and it was freezing, so we could not sit anywhere. So, it was an experience where I thought that winters were not for me.

 Q9.Do you prefer sunny days or rainy days? 

I prefer sunny days because they are rainy; I wouldn’t say I like rain. It messes up the whole thing, and for me, the most essential thing in my day is when I go out and play basketball. It is possible to play on a sunny day, but on a rainy day, it gets deep. The basketball ground near my home has a marble finish field, and it gets slippery in the rain, so we cannot play. 

Q10. How does the weather affect your travel plans or outdoor activities? 

Weather affects my travel. So it depends if we plan to travel on hills; we will never plan that trip during the rainy monsoon season or when various places experience landslides. We always prefer to go to the mountains in the summer, and we like to go to the southern part of winter winters. If I talk about that daily, I prefer to play because it does not hinder my daily activities. It does not hinder. It is within your daily activities. 

Q11.Have you ever been caught in a sudden weather change?

 Have you ever been caught in a sudden weather change? Yes, I was caught in a sudden weather change. I tend to get sick because of the abrupt temperature difference. Most people encounter flu or fever in this kind of climate. 

Q12.How does the weather in your area change throughout the year, and how do you adapt to these changes? 

The area where I live is in the northern part of India. Here, the summers are in January and February, and the winters are ending. There is a March and April May at the cosy season from the beginning of May till August and September. It is hot, and after that comes the monsoon. After monsoons in November and December again, the winters arrive. 

Q13.What is your opinion on climate change? How do you think it is impacting global weather patterns?

 If I compare the weather we have right now in the whole year and if I compare it when I was in the olden days, the winters were shorter; now, the winters are very long and extremely cold. Ten or twelve years ago, the summers were less sunny, but nowadays, it sometimes goes up to 55 degrees Celsius and is boiling. There are many cases of heat strokes, and the summers have become a little shorter. There are not many plants which were there in my childhood. It significantly impacts climate change, and the main reason behind it is pollution. 

Q14.Do you have any favourite weather-related activities or hobbies?

 My family enjoys the monsoon or rainy days by staying inside. My mother cooked excellent evening snacks that day, which was one memorable experience. 

Q15.How do you dress differently depending on the weather conditions? 

In summer, we wear light clothes and light-coloured clothes made of breathable material, whereas, in winter, we wear woollen jackets and cardigans because it is freezing. When the weather changes, especially in February, March, and starting of April when it is transitioning from the cold season to the summer season in that period, we take care that we don’t avoid wearing warm clothes because it is commonplace that people get sick these days. However, during summers, due to relentless heat, I avoid it.

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