IELTS Speaking Part 1 Getting lost

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Getting lost

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Getting lost

1. Have you ever lost your way?

Earlier I used to lose my way regularly, now with the help of Google maps. I rarely lose the way. However, recently I went for a trekking trip, and over there, I lost the company of my group due to poor network connectivity.

2. How can you find your way when you are lost?

The best way to find the way when you are lost is to contact the locals. That is the best way because they are the people who know every nook and corner of that area.

3. Can you read a map when you get lost?

I have good knowledge of directions. Due to this reading, both offline and online maps are easy for me. I do not face any problems while comprehending them.

4. Have you ever helped someone who got lost?

Last month I saw three Japanese tourists wandering here and there. From their facial expressions, I had concluded that they were in some trouble. Upon contacting them, they told me that they had lost their way. I helped them by dropping them at their hotel in my car.

5.Have you ever gotten lost before?

 I got lost. An incident happened to me last year. I like last summer, I went hiking. It’s a place I’m very familiar with, but during the hiking, I lost my way.

 And like, to my dismay, there was no internet connection over like there was an internet connection, but it was like no connectivity, and it’s the very low range. And with the help of signs and people as I liked,  I found my destination, so yes, there, I think only a situation when I found myself lost. 

6.How do people feel when they get lost?

Usually, people start panicking and stressing when they get lost, and I think they should be calm, like keeping themselves calm, because a calm mind can give you thousands of reasons and solutions to tackle those problems.

7.What steps should people take when they are lost to find their way back?

In this era, we have a lot of things available to form and find our way if we are getting lost. The first thing we can do is try to use our phone and put our navigation like there are a lot of things like live location, and then try to find the surrounding places. So I think that apart from that, you can call. For example, if it’s a worst-case scenario, then you can call 911, and then they will help you.

8.Have you ever been lost in a foreign country or city?

It’s not in a foreign country like it’s a city. I went to Montreal, and it was a new city and a new state for me, and I was not familiar with it. I left my hotel and went to see a museum there. But to my dismay, I lost my way, and like it, it’s a country and a city based on the French language, and there are a limited number of people who can speak English. So, it was challenging for me. I started panicking at first at starting, but later, with the help of my mobile, I found my hotel, and I went back to my hotel, okay.

 9.Do you think getting lost can sometimes lead to interesting or unexpected experiences?

No such occasion has happened to me, but a similar thing happened to my sister. She went to Manali for a trip with her friends, and over there, they all went to a club, but they lost their way, and they ended up on their journey in a way like the famous mountain. I couldn’t remember the name, but yes, there was a very beautiful mountain, and there were a lot of sights to see there. After this, I think that sometimes getting lost leads us to unexpected experiences. 

10.How do you think technology such as GPS navigation systems has changed the experience of getting lost?

Well, I think with the help of GPS and navigation systems, it is now very rare for anyone to get lost because we have technological gadgets. Internet services are all available worldwide, and I don’t think there is any area that does not have internet connectivity, so yes, with the help of GPS, people can find their destination very soon if they are lost.

11.Can you share tips or advice for someone lost in an unfamiliar place?

The tips and advice for someone who finds themselves lost in an unfamiliar place is that they should not panic; they should talk to the locals and reach the nearest police station. In case that is not possible, then they should ask for the mobile person of a passerby, and from that, they can make a call to their family members or their friends for support.

12.How do you think getting lost can teach valuable lessons or help us grow as individuals?

When we get lost somewhere, that is the time when we use our brains differently. We train our brains to handle panics, so that is very important for us in our lives. Our getting lost teaches us how to handle conflicts correctly, and it also empowers us to think beyond the conventional domain.

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