IELTS Speaking Part 1 Transportation (Public/Private)

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Transportation (Public/Private)

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Transportation (Public/Private)

How is the transportation service in your area?

 The transportation service in my area is quite good, and we have all the facilities for transportation that a person needs in their daily life, like buses, private taxis, subway stations, and so on. 

What do you prefer the most when traveling? 

For traveling, I usually prefer my car. I have my vehicle, and it’s easier and more convenient than public transport. Still, if I had to choose public transport, I would prefer a private taxi because it gives me Privacy and I don’t have to wait for anything like the buses and I don’t have to share my seat with someone else.

So for that reason, I prefer a private taxi.

What problems do you face while travelling from one place to another?  

I need help with traveling. The first and foremost is traffic congestion. That is one problem, and second, my city has a lot of traffic lights.

So after every one kilometre, I have to take a break. So that is another problem. Third is that I keep driving for long hours.

So that is another problem I face. Okay, someone here. 

How can the transportation in your city be improved? 

Like in my city, everything is perfect.

If I have to give any suggestion to the government to change the transportation system, I recommend they build up some more bus stops near the remote areas. There are villages in my city that only have a few bus stops. So they mostly face trouble while travelling.

So I suggest the local council build bus stops to make their lives easier. 

How do you usually travel to work? 

I usually use my car, and sometimes I go with my colleagues. And my workplace is quite 25 kilometres from my place.

So it would be easy to prefer a car. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using public transport in your city? 

The primary advantage of using public transportation is that it is cheap, and the fares are very genuine.

Anyone can afford that. The disadvantage of public transportation is that you must share your ride with someone else. And sometimes it’s a bus timing problem.

And I mean, you have to wait for the bus. It doesn’t matter how the weather is. Whether it’s raining or snowy, you must wait at the bus stop.

So for that reason, it’s the only disadvantage.  

Is owning a private vehicle necessary?

Definitely yes. Owning a private vehicle or personal vehicle is very conventional and handy.

It gives us full Privacy. So by personal vehicle, we can immediately go to any bus or subway station. And we don’t worry about the time.

So we can go anywhere whenever we want. Instead of being conventional, it should be convenient. Yes, it should be convenient.

How can transportation affect the environment? 

Transportation could affect the environment in various ways. First of all, there are gas emissions from buses and automobiles. As we all know, all cars are running on fuel.

So, gas emissions create noise pollution as well as air pollution. But now the government is introducing electronic cars, which benefit our environment.

What measures can be taken to reduce the impact of travelling on the environment?

 As I said, the government is introducing new electronic cars. More and more people now prefer electronic cars. As we all know, fuels are going down.

And due to this, the prices are going very high. So many people now prefer electronic cars because they are more convenient and easy to use.

Like Tesla, for example, you need to charge it for 3 hours. And you can drive for 500 km. It’s quite near to the 500 km with a single battery charge.

What are some effective ways to deal with traffic congestion in urban areas? 

The government should make some bridges in urban areas to reduce traffic congestion. And the government should widen the highways.

And to make it more, build more space for the vehicles. 

How popular is cycling as a means of transportation in your country?

 Well, in my country, like in the past era. A lot of people prefer to travel by bicycle.

They found it very easy—and kind of a manual machine. But now, like more and more, everyone has their private vehicle.

And in this fast-paced life, people don’t have time to wait for the congestion. So now people in my country prefer public transport and electronic automobiles to cycling.

How have technological advancements changed the way we travel? Well, technology has a lot of impacts on travelling. First of all, we can now book our rides online. We can check the weather and our destination through navigation.

And apart from that, now buses also. We can check the time of the buses. And we can book our seats before our travels, which is a good technological initiative. And so yes, with technology, travelling is getting easier compared to the past. 

What do you think transportation will look like in your country 50 years from now? 

Well, in 50 years now, our travel industry will grow immensely.

As we can see now, we now have driverless cars, which were recently introduced by Tesla. Apart from that, we have a lot of new features for cars. And we are building subway stations.

So, we can see flying cars and more subway stations in 50 years. 

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