IELTS Speaking Part 1 Visitors

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Visitors

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Visitors

How often do you have visitors at your home? 

 I live in Canada, and I usually don’t have any visitors. But I often had visitors when I was living in India, like every day. It could be my neighbours. It could be my mother’s friend. It could be my friends. It could also be my sibling’s friend. 

What do you usually do to entertain your visitors? 

To entertain visitors, I mostly do chit-chat. So we like all members sitting together, and we talk with them about current topics and how their lives are going. And sometimes we watch movies or TV shows together. And sometimes we do activities like we play games and we also do some outdoor activities.

 How do you feel when you have visitors at your place? In India, we usually feel very glad whenever we see our visitors because we consider our guests and visitors like God. There is a culture in India that is similar to the Atithi Devo Bhava. For that reason, everyone is very happy when they see or have visitors.


What kind of preparations do you make before visitors come over? 

First, before the visitor, if we know their demands, like what they are like and what they are not, we start preparing that and welcome them with that soft drink or something to offer them whatever they like. 

We also make arrangements for whatever we must do during the visit. If there is a birthday party, we plan accordingly, pre-plan some games, order food, or sometimes cook at home. So it’s all these things we do when we have visitors.


How do visitors contribute to family life?

 In family life, visitors play an important role because visitors come to our home and enhance our family’s happiness, and it is also good for building a strong bond. So, for that reason, visitors are important to family life. 

What are the typical reasons why people visit each other in your culture?

 In my culture, little get-togethers are a major source of creating happiness and sharing happiness with others. And that’s the thing we all adopt. 

We usually visit somebody’s place to share our happiness, and sometimes we receive good news, and then we go over there to congratulate them. And sometimes we go to see them. So yes, in my culture, it is a very good thing and considered a major part of life. 

What do you think makes someone a good host or hostess? 

Two things can make a person a good host. First of all, I like how he introduces himself to us and others, and how his behavior is to us. He needs to be hospitable and talkative while presenting things to others. All these things make a person a good host. 

Do you prefer having visitors at your home or going to visit others? 

In my culture, both are adopted. People are pursuing both; sometimes, they like to visit others, and sometimes, they like to receive guests at their homes. It’s a 50-50 situation; people like to go to other places, and they also like to receive guests.

How do you think technology has changed the way people interact with visitors? 

With the advancement of technology, no one can deny that this conviction that, yes, the interaction between people has faded because nowadays everyone has their social friends and they can talk over there. 

We also have video chats where they meet up over there, and they don’t have to be physically present at other places. With this technology, technology has had a good or maybe negative impact on others. 

What do you enjoy most about having visitors? 

Well, as I recall, when I was a child, I was very happy every time we had visitors because whenever we received the visitors, there was a good meal preparation ongoing at our home. 

And it’s different excitement whenever we receive a guest who shares their happiness and talks a lot. And we have, like as a child, we have to, like we got, we got a chance to play with our siblings. So, it’s making it like a big family together, too. So, it’s really good. And I enjoyed it a lot whenever I had a visitor. 

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