IELTS Speaking Part 1 Space Travel

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Space Travel

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Space Travel

Do you like to travel by air? 

Yes, I love to travel by air because I have been to many places and prefer planes. There are some reasons like it’s more convenient and time-saving and we can get it quickly and travel over a short period.

 What do you think about travelling to outer space? 

Outer space is a good experience for anyone who loves travelling outside. Definitely, yes, I would like to travel if I get an opportunity because we can learn a lot of things from outer space, like how the Earth looks from outer space from space and how our moon and our solar system work, and what the temperature of the sun over there we can like to get information regarding this through space travel. 

Who would you like to go with if you are going on space travel?

 If I could go out to space, I would prefer my mother because my mother is a science teacher and has a keen interest in outer space activities. She used to teach science to students, so I would go there with my mother. 

 Is it necessary to see other planets? 

Of course, it’s essential to see other planets, and like I said, we can get a lot of information from the other planets, like they recently discovered, like the water level on Mars. 

Now they plan to travel over there; apart from that, we can learn how time passes. It’s an excellent way to explore more things, and if a student can learn to explore outer space and other planets, they will do something about this over their study. 

What do you think are the benefits of space explanation for humanity? 

The benefits we can take from the outer space study are learning about outer space. We can get information like whether it would be life possible in the future over there or not or whether we, the Earth, are now on the verge of destruction, and I think it will help humanity to do something about our Earth, and yes, that’s it. 

Do you believe that space travel should be a priority for governments? 

Every government should only implement it for some. A specific person, like astronauts, who know about outer space and can bear zero gravity level, and so they only, I think, deserve to go to outer space compared to others. 

Can you describe any recent advancements in space technology that have caught your attention? 

I heard in Elon Musk’s interview that he said he’s preparing to send people to Mars maybe this year or next year at the start. Apart from that, like the Japanese rocket, it blew up in space before reaching its destination, so these two pieces of space news caught my attention. 

How might space travel impact the future of our planet Earth? 

Like our scientists, they are like found in I eagerly finding water on other plants, and they will be very close in the future. They will see water on some other plants, and they may travel over there. Mars would be a high priority, as would other plans, too. 

How do you think space tourism will evolve in the coming years? 

I see the current scenario. Space travel will become a growing industry in the future because more and more people are now like as they are familiar as they are now familiar with outer space. They eagerly want to travel in space so that it will increase in the future. 

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