IELTS Speaking Part 1 Science classes

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Science classes

Q1. Do you like science classes?

Yes, I like science classes because, through the lessons, we learn about the unknown. Moreover, all science classes have the theory and practical lessons, which appeals to me because the interest stays the same.

Q2. What kind of science classes did you study at school?

The traditional subjects were physics, chemistry and Biology. And we studied new concepts such as genome sequencing, artificial intelligence and space exploration.

Q3. Did you have science classes in your primary school? Or only in high school?

Science is an integral part of the curriculum in my nation. Hence it was mandatory in both primary and high school.

Q4. Do you think science classes are necessary?

Science classes are necessary because, in the modern era, technology has made inroads in our lives, and those who do not adapt to the demands of the changing world will remain far behind. Hence it is worthwhile to have basic science knowledge to stay synchronised with the rest of the world.

Q5. What science subject did you like the most in school? Why?

My favourite subject was computer science because I have had an immense interest in computers since childhood, and I wish to become an expert.

Q6. Is your work related to science?

Yes, my work is related to science because I am a computer engineer. The knowledge of computer science helps me handle all conflicts related to computers adroitly.

Q7. How do you study science?

I follow a different approach to reading lengthy books to study science. Instead, I gain substantial information from platforms like Quora and Medium.

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