IELTS Speaking Part 1 Teenagers

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Teenagers

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Teenagers

1.What are some common characteristics of teenagers in your country?

     In my country, most teenagers are very sharp-minded and brilliant. They are engaging in many extracurricular activities now, so that’s a characteristic of teenagers in my country. 

     2. How do teenagers spend their free time in your country?

     In my country, most teenagers involve themselves in study-related programs. They have the same hobbies. Apart from that, some teenagers prefer to do their talent work, and some like to play games, so that’s the work they usually like doing as teenagers. 

    3. What are some of the challenges that teenagers face these days? 

    Well, in my opinion, with no doubt, with the advancement of technology, we have to, we have both benefits and drawbacks. And I think there are more drawbacks to our adolescents. It’s most challenging for them because it directly impacts their health as well,  physically and mentally, like pursuing what they have to do in their life.

     4. Do teenagers in your country often have part-time jobs? 

    Not often, as in my country, parents usually don’t want their children to do work because they want them to focus only on their studies, so it’s very rare to see any teenagers doing a part-time job. But here in Canada, I see a lot of students doing their part-time work and their education simultaneously, so that’s the change I see; in my country, people don’t want their children to do any job in their teenage years.

    5. How do teenagers interact with their peers in your country?

     In my country,  teenagers are very social and like to spend time with others, friends, and relatives, so they usually connect with their peers by using social media apps and visiting them personally. 

    6. What role do social media and technology play in the lives of teenagers?

     It plays an integral part in teenagers’ lives, and they get benefits, disadvantages, and advantages. Firstly, it’s handy, like all the new technological gadgets, making their life much easier and more convenient.

    It helps them in their studies, pursuing their hobbies, and gaming, but it has drawbacks because students like involving themselves too much in smartphones. They excessively use these technologies, which I think is a grave concern. 

    7. Do teenagers in your country have a lot of freedom, or do their parents closely monitor them? 

    Well, I agree with the latter view because it happened to me as I see it. Also, when I was a teenager, my parents used to put some restrictions on me. Please don’t go out; I have no right to leave home after nine. If I’m outside, I must come home before nine at any cost, and I think the same things happen with other children. They have limitations, such as asking our parents for a trip, which is very challenging, and we need their permission to do any specific tasks. So, yes, we are closely monitored by our families in my country.

    8. What are some common hobbies or interests among teenagers in your country?

     In my country, most teenagers are interested in gaming; apart from that, some like to do vocal courses. We can call it singing, as in India, a singing career is really good, and we have a lot of singers all over the states. So, for that reason, some children’s interests fall towards this category, and apart from that, some like to study. 

     9. How do teenagers in your country typically prepare for their future?

     Well, I think in my country, to be honest, it’s very unfair for teenagers because whatever they do, it depends on their parents, not on the students. So, they choose their careers and hobbies with the help of their parents.

    If their parents want them to become engineers, they will do engineering. If their parents want him to become a doctor, he would prefer to be a doctor.  The same goes for hobbies; if their parents want their student to be an actor or singer, they will allow them to pursue it as a hobby.

    10. What advice would you give to teenagers facing academic or social pressures?

     My only advice is that failure is not the end of life. And take only a little stress if something is not going according to you. Everyone has their talents. 

    They should recognize their talents and follow that particular trajectory. And it will lead to success for sure. 

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